Exclusive interview with owner of Seattle Gold Grills Fred Bennett Jr

Seattle Gold Grills and the new exclusive jewelry

Seattle Gold Grills is an exclusive jewelry store that is the sister company Fred Bennett Creations; which was the first ever store to customise jewerly opened by an African American in 1976. The jewelry store was run by Fred Bennett Sr, but Seattle Gold Grills was founded by his son, Fred Bennett Jr. We get to have an exclusive interview with Fred, as he talks about his successes, inspirations and the business.

What is Seattle Gold Grills known for?

“We sell grillz that you can customize in order to give a unique look for your teeth and to stand out. We also sell other jewelry such as Rolexes covered in diamonds and pendants. But most importantly, we are famous for coining the infamous Snowflake Grillz style as well as Dusted Bricks, High Polished, and more!”

How did your grillz change the game for teeth accessories?

“All of the previous Grillz companies have been forced to add these new brand names in their arsenal to keep up with customer demands.  A snowflake grillz for example was previously named “Trillion Cut Diamond Dust” Grillz by all other companies.  Dusted Bricks was formerly called “Princess Cut Diamond Dust” Grillz. I saw these names as too long and came up with my own.These new simpler and relatable names have stuck worldwide!”

How does it feel to be the first black jewelry store owners worldwide?

“I will always wake up feeling happy and motivated by this. My dad opened our first store 1976 in Seattle at age 20 establishing himself as Seattle’s first black jewelry store owner to customise jewelry.  He has been servicing Washington State over 53 years. I founded Seattle Gold Grills in 2016 and because we already had expertise from 1998 in customizing and fitting grillz, it reached a huge success. It is also cool to see that our brand is loved online too – we have more than 300,000 followers on social media who love our products.”

What is your latest project that we should look out for?

“Right now, we have launched a mobile app on both the Apple store and Google Play store. This app allows anyone around the world to have direct access to exclusive videos for custom jewelry, our blog and have a members card too. We are also shipping products globally and you can request a mold kit too for Grillz.”

Are there other jewelry brands that you admire as a business?

“I admire brands like Tiffany & Co because they have been able to survive throughout histories ups and downs remaining consistent. We strive to do the same at Seattle Gold Grills!”

What do you enjoy doing in your own time when you are not running your business?

“I love working out with friends as health is very important at any age. Working out with friends gives us that friendly competition which is needed in all sports.”

Who do you admire as a businessman/entrepreneur?

“My father. I learned the trade of jewelry from my father and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. With the skills that he taught me, it inspired me to open up Seattle Gold Grills, which has been the perfect alternative to people who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars adorning their teeth. With the help from my dad and his knowledge, my company was able to grow.”

Is there any advice that you can give to budding entrepreneurs?

“Having dreams and aspirations can start from a young age, which is why I am a strong believer in the enhancement of kids’ education/opportunities as they will always be the future of our nation. If we continue to focus on the kids we will always have a better future. As for the adult entrepreneurs, never give up and don’t ever be discouraged by failure. It can take a long road to success, but once you are there you will never want to look back. Don’t be scared to reach out to investors, set up a start campaign or just stay connected to people from social media. There will always be someone out there who will admire your passion and will want to help you.”



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