Examples of proactively-triggered emails and their benefits

Statistics indicate that triggered messages are responsible for 77% of profits obtained from emails. There are many large retailers that benefit from this technology. Among them is Airbnb, Sephora, Amazon, and Saucony. All of them have shown how they can benefit from being proactive.

In working with businesses to rapidly capture their responses and increase sales via intelligent chatbots, the one thing we realized is that when communication is triggered by appropriate touchpoints, conversions increase. Add artificial intelligence to the mix, with customer history – and you improve the life of the customer in a way that has never been possible before. So here is how the picture slots together:

Many people go online especially on a site such as Amazon and then continue to spend a substantial amount of money on a whole range of luxuries which they may not really need. The amazing thing is that many of them are not regulars in the online shopping market. Now, why did they end up spending all that money? They were the recipients of an excellently worded email from companies such as Amazon and they responded by visiting those websites and then purchase a whole range of things.

Experts in the marketing industry are fully aware of the fact that email is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Research has shown that it has an ROI of over 120%. Another study has discovered that 77% of email ROI is directly related to triggered messages. How it works is those triggered messages is those personalized communications which are preferred by consumers. These triggered messages are reactive and they are always received after the consumer has taken some action such as signing up for an email list. This will then trigger a response from that business in the form of a welcoming message. You might have been on the website previously and you might have selected some products which are now sitting in that shopping cart. This will then trigger a message from that business reminding you of those products which have not been checked out yet.

There are many large companies such as Saucony and Amazon who has effectively demonstrated that proactive email messages can be extremely effective. These large companies are extremely innovative and they have methods to keep track of people even when they relocate. Many of them are in partnership with postal services and therefore they are fully aware of the fact that people on their mailing list have changed their address. Furthermore, because of extensive market research, those companies are fully aware that when people relocate they also need things for that new apartment or home. They will even go further by providing such a person with a substantial discount when such products are purchased through their website. In many cases, those strategies are successful which is why they are widely used by large retailers such as Amazon and others.

Another highly popular strategy used by retailers is birthday emails. Making use of this kind of emails has proven to be almost 500% more effective than average promotional emails. The majority of people is delighted to receive a well worded birthday wish. Studies have revealed that such birthday emails generate more than 340% higher revenue per email compared to conventional email strategies. The success of birthday emails is probably linked to the fact that birthdays are a time when people receive gifts. This is also why those emails will always include a sizable discount. Various strategies can be used just to get that birthday person into the store or on to the website of that retailer.

Different companies use different strategies. Some might offer free shipping with any product purchased while others are offering coupons which can be used for something like a birthday coffee. Nevertheless, many people now have experience of birthday emails and how they can end up costing people a lot of money instead of benefiting them. There are many companies who will blatantly exploit the birthday theme strategy without ever giving away anything. They will simply use that strategy to remind people that their birthday is the perfect time to spoil yourself. This is very similar to the promotions at Christmastime which has long ago ceased to have any relation to the true spirit of Christmas but it has become merely another strategy to encourage people to spend money.

Another widely used email strategy is those reminder emails. Lots of companies and businesses have done extensive market research and they know exactly how the minds of consumers are working. Sending people, a reminder email ensures that a high percentage of those messages is actually opened by the receiver. By sending someone a reminder email allows the sender a lot of leeway. It is very effective as can be seen from all those products which have been abandoned in online shopping carts. Those reminders are extremely effective. Almost 50% of emails relating to abandon products is opened by the receiver. Over 30% of those opened emails will result in a sale. There can be no doubt that this is good business which is why these strategies are exploited by retailers.

There are many retailers that are going even further with their reminder emails and they are extremely proactive. As an example, a large retailer might send a reminder email to someone relating to something like their loyalty point balances. This company will then proceed to actually suggest ways in how the loyalty points can be redeemed. Other companies will target travelers shortly before they are scheduled to depart. Then they will promote all kinds of options which might be of interest to those travelers. They will even remind them of activities which are planned for the area where they are going and very often those people will end up going to those places.

There is also an email strategy known as replenishment emails. This is a cleverly devised reminder that the consumer is about to run out of some essential product and this can be anything which is likely to be always in need. The irony is that these replenishment emails have proven to be extraordinary successful which results in many additional sales for innovative retailers. The fact is that people forget a large number of small things just because they are so busy dealing with all that important stuff. This is why they see replenishment emails as a benefit which reminds them of those other necessities which are not foremost in their minds.