Evelyn Roberts Brooks releases 2nd version of “America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters: With Liberty and Justice for All”

The second edition of “America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters: With Liberty and Justice for All” responds to all those who are watching the news and wondering frantically: What can we do about this powder-keg situation?

The author, Evelyn Roberts Brooks, states that her 345-page book is a call to action and guide for everyone who would like to learn how to use the law of attraction to promote more progress in our country.

Brooks explains that her Freedom Fighters book was originally issued on Inauguration Day 2017 in response to Trump’s election, to offer inspiration to the millions of Americans who were outraged then and continue to decry the current Administration’s actions today.

The book’s second edition includes the entire first edition as well as a new introduction and a new section called “The Heart of Progress,” that reminds all readers of Barack Obama’s admonition to tend to our “Garden of Democracy” or witness its destruction.

“I wrote this book,” Brooks says, “for all those who believe we are here at this time on earth to help humanity grow and evolve upwards, and create more good in the world as we dissolve barriers that lead to dissension and inequity.”

The following excerpt from “America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters” provides an easy three-step process that everyone can put into action today:

ONE In social media, especially in Twitter, unfollow all government officials who are creating havoc in our nation.

In your own inbox, stop opening email with alarming subject lines, no matter who the email is from.

We cannot continue to align with thoughts and images of what we don’t want to happen. We must keep our sight on being in harmony with the good we desire to create, and that means disciplining our emotions to respond rather than react to stimulus.

TWO Stop being a news junkie. You don’t need to have the news on all day long in order to keep up with what’s going on. Get the news in brief, and then turn it off. We used to call it brainwashing or propaganda when short, emotionally charged statements are reiterated to such a degree they become embedded in the minds of the listeners. Now we call it The News. Or, even more devastatingly: Fox News.

THREE Discard unwanted images in your mind of what the current Administration is doing to destroy the environment and devastate the lives of millions. Keep a strong vision of what you do want to help create. Happy, healthy children who have access to education. Compassionate caring and support for the elderly, the impoverished, those who are unable to care for themselves. Sensible gun control, tax reform, medical care. Ease of voting for all eligible citizens. Keep the pictures strong of America as the beautiful melting pot which welcomes immigrants onto its bright shores of opportunity.

This book is timely. Black Lives Matter, as do the lives of all citizens. The author states that by understanding that we create our reality with our emotional thoughts, we can turn our focus away from fear and anger and towards creating progress and an improved government at all levels.

“America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters” and other titles in the author’s Liberty and Justice Series are available on Amazon. This link is a shortcut to the book: http://freedomfightersbook.com

About the author:

Evelyn Roberts Brooks is a writer and speaker who has shared the stage with Bob Proctor (“The Secret”), Gay Hendricks, Peggy McColl, Arielle Ford, Misa Hopkins, Dr. Steve G. Jones, and other experts in personal growth and development. She’s the author of over 20 fiction and non-fiction books including “America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters.” Evelyn is passionate about helping others to reduce stress, heal heartache from loss, divorce, grief and trauma, and lead happier lives.

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