Europeans Stuck in South Africa Plead With Hungary and Russia as Mark Rutte Ignores Them

  • sPublic calls for genocide against Indian and White minorities in South Africa have left the world stunned as the Zuma and Ramaphosa factions both encourage it
  • Mark Rutte of the Netherlands have ignored white minorities of Dutch decent in South Africa, as he turned his focus 100% on LGBT issues with Hungary and Poland
  • India already recognized the need for expats in South Africa to be protected, leaving European minorities as the only group without a voice as both the UK and the Netherlands remain silent. 
  • China VS The West seems to be a major factor as both sides support different factions. 

Days of violence in South Africa, where both ordinary citizens and the police participated in robbing and looting shopping malls and small businesses have ended in a very familiar pattern: Opposing indigenous sides talking about reunification against European and Indian minorities. This prompted Indian media to stand up boldly and spoke out about “Anti-White and anti-Indian bigotry in South Africa: The racism that does not attract the world’s condemnation” and no surprise: for the European Union to remain silent on the fate of their own people. In the U.S. President Biden had nothing to say, however the former U.S. ambassador to South Africa, Cameron Hume, has called on the US to step up and make the unfolding unrest more of a foreign policy priority.

The issue mainstream media ignores:

China is behind the Zulu faction, since plundering western assets in South Africa, gives China both leverage against the West and an opportunity to install it’s own cheap retail alternatives in Africa. The West, for it’s part, face a conundrum as big Tech and media owners seek to enter China – and will likely be blocked by the Chinese government if they speak up on the actions of Chinese backed factions. The current President in South Africa, Ramaphosa was once the largest owner of Mc Donalds restaurant chains outside of the US and Europe. He is PRO Amazon and America – and much less of a Chinese stooge than Jacob Zuma was.

However at the bottom of the pyramid, minorities bare the brunt: The Indian and European minorities residing in South Africa. Those who have been stuck way before COVID-19 travel restrictions affected the rest of us.

Courting the majority, The Washington Post and their cronies disregarded the U.S. government opinion:

The previous administration was the first in years to part with the British narrative and to recognize the potential of genocide against a minority in South Africa:

I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 23, 2018

The Pullitzer Center, a radical left organization for geopolitical meddling, called it “The Myth of White Genocide”, backed by the BBC and Washington post, each with their own reason for courting the current majority government and outbidding China in Africa. Needless to say that Human Rights Watch and the U.N. remained silent on the issue too, applying an opposite spin. However Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and NYPost were the only news sites to stand firm on the facts – that the genocide in South Africa has become widespread.

European descendants all destitute:

The near 3 million European descendants in South Africa are mainly of Dutch or British descent and it only stands to reason that The Netherlands and UK should step forward to make repatriation efforts for those facing violence and persecution. In reality, this is not the case:

The European response:

In Europe, Mark Rutte the PM of the Netherlands is currently engaged in a vehement LGBT row with Hungary and Poland – and completely shunned Europeans in South Africa who are trapped by the violence and subject to farm and city murders happening on a large scale.  Rutte is also a firm supporter of open borders with Turkey and Morocco, which is a stark contrast with his response to his own people left stranded in Africa. The British, Australian and Canadian governments have had undeclared lenient policies that applied to South Africans on a case by case basis, something the ordinary person in distress will fail to recognize as a solution.

Appealing to Hungary, Poland, Geert Wilders and Russia?

Given the different set of priorities Mark Rutte and the EU has, and perhaps in desperation to save their children and elderly, Europeans in South Africa are turning elsewhere now. They also realize that president Biden has said nothing in their favor, unlike Donald Trump who spoke out against the genocide.

Now, Renewed efforts are underway to reach out to PM Victor Orban of Hungary, as well as Poland and Russia in order to recognize the status of European minorities trapped in South Africa. Once gain, these leaders are left to take a moral high during times when the West has to turn the blind eye for the sake of business and pride.

Currently, these Europeans are unable to return to Europe

As an opposition member in the Netherlands said about the fate of these minorities: “They are crushed between Covid-19, Brexit, EU disunity and extreme leftism that believes in open borders for some, but closed borders for others. Just like Spain aggressively blocked Argentineans and Colombians from entering it’s country between 2000 and 2015 but opened their borders to North Africa, so is The Netherlands and perhaps the UK too, when it comes to Europeans stuck in South Africa”. 

It is perhaps time that European and American leaders do some soul searching, to let go of the need to uphold previous status quos on punishing disloyal descendants into the 5th generation – and to stand up for what is right today. Elon Musk, born in South Africa, is an example of a South African families that countries like Canada, who sought to retain the status quo had hand-picked for immigration – but in other cases, applications are declined. Today, Tesla is one of the companies who do business with China, and doing nothing for the minorities who once hosted his family in their country. Today, these minorities are no longer educated, employed and cultured in the way they were years ago. They faced substantial decline and offers a shocking picture of what it is like to be abandoned by your own.

The Rise of White Slums in South Africa:

Ramaphosa went as far as to say that “farm murders are not racially motivated…” as he seems to side with Julius Malema, one of the key orchestrators who has a similar genocidal outlook as the Zulu faction in Kwazulu Natal. As a result of affirmative action which bans Europeans from certain job opportunities and business ownership in South Africa, these minorities have been shunned – and live in extreme poverty.

Their fate is one of true destitute: The Zulu’s and Xhosas all share a common view that everyone except them are visitors and have no rights – and ought to be subjected to sectarian violence. The Europeans, seem to share another view: once you leave the continent, you’re on your own.