EToken – Huge Whale Continues to Absorb Funds, Crypto Market of 2022 is More Worth Looking Forward to!

After one and a half years of the bull market, the third halving of the bitcoin market seems to be coming to an end, and now the market is more prone to shock stage, rising and falling, one after another, makes a lot of crypto players feel lost, contract market also gradually quiet down, I think most people like me, sensing that the market has released a slow bear signal, the next bull market is estimated to be in 2024!

The most surprising part is that, according to the data of the chain transactions in the last half month, institutions are quietly absorbing funds, the purchase price of three transactions is controlled at around $46,000, it has bought 137, 136, 120 bitcoins, a bunch of operations also let many people increase the long-held belief, if $50000 is the bottom of the next bull market, then $100,000 is no longer a dream.


When the institution continued fund absorbing, on December 30, 2021, MicroStrategy announced the purchase of 1914 more BTCs, with an average price of $49,229. MicroStrategy has 124,391 bitcoins worth a total of $3.75 billion, with the average price per bitcoin at $30,159.

The future of bitcoin is gradually revealed in the institutions’ buying positions. With the severe global financial and economic situation, BTC, as a new type of financial hedging tool, is instilling new wealth cognition to investment users around the world. The pattern of asset allocation is also tilted from traditional investment to the crypto market.

If you have BTC in your hand, congratulations, you are ahead of most people in the world. If you can keep holding BTC and find a safer and more stable yield product for it, that will help you get to the top of the next bull market.

EToken provides integrated digital asset financial management services to global users, especially in the field of crypto asset appreciation, combined with the third-party professional quantitative team, fund team advantages to carrying out strategic arbitrage, launched low-risk financial services, to ensure the stability of user asset appreciation.

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