Epic Games will Have Cloud Services Starting From February


Epic Games Store shared world shooter “The Division 2 ramp up” of the platform’s feature set.

Epic Games announced that their store will receive a streamlined refund policy which will not be similar to what Steam has and also plans to offer cloud services by February this year. Sergey Galyonkin, the Director of Publishing Strategy at Epic Games who is also the person behind Steam Spy, a stat service which is used to gauge Steam sales,  hosts a podcast in Russian which is known as ‘How Games Are Made’. During an episode, just before the launch of the Epic Games Store, he answered questions regarding what users could expect from it in terms of features.

According to a thorough summary of the podcast on popular gaming forum ResetEra, cloud saves will come to the Epic Games Store by February and will show up the achievement by the end of the year. Guides will not be implemented but developer pages will be implemented at a later date. Social features will implement this but no details have been provided regarding the same. Users will be granted the option to limit their download speeds.

Galyonkin stated that they will influence the purchasing decisions in certain ways which are not desired by people who buy games just for cards. Unlocking the in-game items like the skins will be possible but it will not be tradeable. The interesting part is the Epic views perennial developer problem of discoverability. The focus won’t be on algorithm-based discovery like Steam because of the limitations of algorithms since a majority of PC gamers buy only a few games in a year. Epic will have a curated storefront like the App Store but the primary method of discovery will be through influencers only.

The post reads-  “Unlike Steam, Galyonkin says that discovery on the EGS will primarily take place outside of the store. He draws parallels to a book store or movie theatre. You usually know what you’re going to buy or attend before going there rather than looking through what’s available to make your decision.”

This approach might result in the much touted 88 percent revenue share for developers go down even further to provide visibility and it will be interesting to see how the Epic Games Store matures in the months to come. That being said, the platform has received new features at a steady pace. These include regional pricing and it was spotted for The Division 2.

What this means is, if you buy The Division 2 via the Epic Games Store, you may get a price lower than the usual $60 price tag that publishers use depending on your location. Steam has a similar feature, allowing game companies to charge users in some regions less than the usual price tag when considering factors such as standard of living and spending power. While a welcome move for many a budget conscious gamer, it will be interesting to see how many games adopt this approach on Epic’s store aside from The Division 2.

Gadgets 360 spotted the news on a Facebook group for Indian gamers where it was revealed that if the account location for Epic Games Store was changed, the pricing shows would be different. This was also verified but it isn’t clear if users will be able to change their location or spoof it using a VPN just to get a better deal. 

The Division 2 PC has been priced at $42 (close to Rs. 2,960) on the Epic Games Store, which makes it in line with recent Ubisoft releases on Steam such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. US gamers will have to pay around $60 for the same. The gamers in Singapore will have to pay $51 (nearly Rs. 3,591) and the Russian users who will pay the money in their own currency, will pay RUB 2,000 (roughly Rs. 2,100) for “The Division 2”. Russia has the best pricing, and the fine print on the store page stated that the game is language locked to Russia, which is the reason behind the low pricing.