Elon Musk Sends 2:30 a.m. Decree to Twitter Staff Ending a Popular Practice

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The Street

By Jeffrey Quiggle Musk sticks with a belief he has always held. Since the early days of the Elon Musk era at Twitter, the owner and CEO has taken an uncompromising position on one expectation of his workers. And he reiterated that demand in an overnight message to employees March 22. DON’T MISS: Twitter Engineer Reveals Just How Deep Elon Musk’s Desperation Goes “Elon Musk sent Twitter employees an email at 2:30 a.m. saying the ‘office is not optional’ and noting SF was half empty yesterday,” wrote Zoë Schiffer, a managing editor at Platformer, as part of a tweet. The mandate for in-office wo…

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