Eight Sleep Introduces Pod 3: The Latest Generation of Sleep Fitness Technology That Improves Sleep Quality by up to 32%

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Cerebral Overload

Eight Sleep, the world’s first sleep fitness company, introduced Pod 3, a new version of their award-winning sleep technology. Pod 3 features a new quad-core CPU as well as upgrades to its sensor system, powering more accurate biometric and health tracking with twice the number of sensors and 4000x greater resolution. The new sensor system achieves 99% heart rate sensing accuracy compared to clinical reference¹. Furthermore, clinical data have shown that the technology behind Pod 3 can improve sleep quality index by up to 32%², increase deep sleep by up to 34%³, and increase heart rate variabi…

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Voice Analytics Market

Voice Analytics Market

Voice Analytics Market size was USD 591.3 million in 2020. It is expected to grow to USD 1265.6 million by 2027. This will grow at

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