Ecommerce update: An interview with Ratan Jha, Digital Marketing Strategist

What makes Ratan Jha a leading insider in the Ecommerce sector, is that he has over 10 Years of industry experience and expertise. During this time he assisted S&P 500 companies with business planning, execution and monitoring / analysis of digital marketing strategies that made a difference to their bottom line. We recently interviewed him for some insight into his agency work:

Many people wonder if there is a typical path successful digital marketers have taken to get to the position you are today. What was your journey and achievements along the way?

Well I am a farmer’s son coming from remote village, beating financial struggles to educate myself and maintain my family and eventually progressed to founding 3 successful digital marketing agencies, helping over 100 businesses scale and make some real unicorns, setting up product based businesses. By the time I  became recognized by the likes of Google – the agencies I founded had managed some rather substantial portfolios which got me noticed by big tech in Silicon Valley. Is this a typical path? Perhaps not, but I am grateful for those who helped me along the way.

Setting up three agencies in a hyper competitive industry is not for everyone. What is your company known for – and why is it serving the public better than many competitors?

We take a data driven approach. Every business is different even if it’s in the same industry. If something has worked for one, it’s not necessary that it would work for all.

We don’t push the brands to the potential customers or the potential customers to the brand , we make brands pull their potential customers to them.

We plan and execute journeys for the target audience that they go through in their paths to purchase. We work on strategies that build brands, not just topline numbers at the month-end.

Retaining business in your field can often be about making sure you have the latest updates from Google figured out. How confident are you about that?

There may be a morning when business owners wake up – agencies alike, and they do not know how to respond to an update that came in, maybe a new feature or something changing drastically. But so far, we have been ahead of the curve. Then, there are benefits of being a part of Google‘s official Product Experts Program. It offers some insider insights.

When it comes to retaining clients, all you need is to be consistent in over-delivering. Our success ratio is impressive there. We still work with clients who started over 5 years ago in garages and are top names in their respective industries today.

Speaking of an evolving landscape: In 5 years from now, what is your prediction and what do you aim for?

Voice will take over several popular mediums.
Voice Search, Podcasts, the likes of Alexa etc. will touch new heights of popularity. It will bring shifts in the way online contents are generated and consumed.

In every industry there are leaders. Which other people do you draw inspiration from?

It is sometimes hard to choose given the wide source of influencers today. But if I could pick only five, it may be something along these lines:

Gary Vaynerchuk
Guy Kawasaki
Tony Robbins
Neil Patel
Frank Kern

Are there any causes you care about?

I really believe in equality – and therefore, the empowerment of women and previously disadvantaged groups. Ultimately so that we may evolve and live in a better world.

What is your advise to people during times of adversity?

While we have 100 reasons to curse this time of adversity, there’s one reason to celebrate it. Invest this time into yourself. It’s an opportunity. Gain new skills, upgrade the current skillsets, build better habits, fix breaking relationships etc.. Whatever it is… Do the things you avoided making excuse of time. Come out as a better version of you after this Pandemic.

Sometimes, unknown information can be an eye-opener. Are there any trends and statistics that people should know about in your industry?

It’s not the time to fight over Facebook Vs. Google Vs. something else similar. You may need them all or many of them. It’s more like a football game, you can’t always score all the goals alone. So is marketing today. One channel is not enough.

Someone Googling right now might end up buying your product reading a review, email, or playing games tomorrow or the day after. What if all your efforts are focused on one channel or platform? You know the answer, don’t you? So, the wise is to be at as many touchpoints as possible, to the extent your budget and the marketing team’s efficacy allows.

Customers today hop from one channel, platform and/or device to another during their paths to purchase. You have to address it efficiently to win the marketing game.

Can you share an insider scoop about your industry, which is really worth sharing?

The biggest challenge of digital marketing today is Attribution.

Somebody clicking your ad on Instagram this morning, comes back to your website via an ad in Gmail tomorrow, and finally converts on your website searching Google and clicking an organic result of your website.

Which click brought the sale for you? Facebook says it’s theirs and Google Ads claims theirs, Analytics reports Organic. Brands need to understand this and align their digital marketing strategies accordingly. Else, it’s simply a blind rat race.

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