Echoworx Releases Study Revealing Trends Shaping Email Security in 2022

Leading email encryption provider affirms must-have capabilities sought to further mitigate risk from breaches and data loss.

A new email security study, conducted on behalf of Echoworx by Forrester Consulting, reveals how future-thinking email security strategies are evolving to include user experience as a primary pillar of effective security. The resulting report, “Improved Email Security Starts With Greater Usability,” stated that 63% of those surveyed had experienced a breach in data within the year. Notably, this was expanded on to say that of those that experienced a data breach, 31% were as a result of internal incidents within an organization. The commissioned study further explains and outlines trends relating to email security in 2022.

The Findings

The key findings state that organizations are placing an emphasis on security initiatives to protect data and maintain document protection, whilst simultaneously preventing data loss. Of those surveyed,  77% stated that email security is a priority. Similarly, the report found that current email security efforts lack automation, and as a result, are difficult to incorporate in a cost-efficient manner. 

Respondents argue that increased efforts towards email security and data protection will allow customers to trust in the organizations they subscribe to. Consumers are becoming more aware of the inconvenience and security threat of data breaches. For consumers to continue to rely on, and provide sensitive information to organizations, email security needs to be seen as a vital practice. 

According to the study, enterprises are planning to ramp up their security posture while simultaneously looking to achieve increased security messaging capabilities without detrimental impact to user experience. These measures are designed to help prevent employee friction and workarounds, in tandem with increasing customer trust and buy-in. 

“Since it involves both movement and a counterparty recipient, two factors not generally associated with data, email can be very difficult to secure,” says Michael Ginsberg, CEO of Echoworx. “The presence of these two additional factors create the need for a complex, yet easy-to-use, user experience for sufficient levels of effectiveness.”

The study further highlights that over three quarters of respondents list cloud migration and SaaS solutions as having a major impact on the direction, scale and future of their security strategies. These findings, in tandem with increased desires for multiple authentication methods and mobile functionality, reveal an increasingly diverse set of unique business and consumer applications.

“Organizations should consider increasing their usage of SaaS systems as they continue to expand into public clouds,” says Joel Brooks VP of Operations at Echoworx. “SaaS systems enable organizations to deploy and manage capabilities at significantly increased scale while keeping internal resources focused on business needs as opposed to complex implementation details.”

This industry snapshot, which posed queries to over 200 global managers or above with decision-making responsibility for their organizations’ email security strategy, finds user experience at the center of any comprehensive program.

About Echoworx

Echoworx protects the privacy of people and businesses throughout the world by making email data protection easier. The company’s customizable encryption platform helps organizations easily share protected email, statements, and documents from anywhere, on any device. Echoworx’s passionate encryption experts transform communication chaos into order for world leading organizations who understand — proving that it pays to be secure. 

The company is designed for looking to the future of online, digital business. Echoworx prioritizes scalability, simplicity and security within their encryption services. There are eight different secure ways to send emails, and the Echoworx platform deciphers and determines which encryption method is best for any recipient. This reduces any anxiety for senders. In addition to this, branding is available in any delivery method, and the user experience is optimized for mobile. 

Final Thoughts

The report concludes that, “Email remains a primary communication medium, and this ensures that it remains a top attack vector year over year,” and therefore that companies need to invest in valuable email encryption tools that prioritize consumer trust, reduce employee fault, and work towards including legacy email infrastructure. It would appear that more and more organizations are positioning email and data protection as a key point of concern in 2022. 

Echoworx is a leading email encryption and data protection service that has an incredibly high consumer renewal rate. The company has worked alongside Forrester Consulting to reveal the key trends and analytics relating to email and data protection and security.