Dysphagia Supplements Market By Manufacturers, Regions, Type And Application

Dysphagia Supplements Market

Dysphagia Supplements Market: Overview

The rise in the elderly population, the incidence of dysphagia, and the expanding need for dysphagia supplements in hospitals and nursing homes are all factors contributing to the market expansion. The powder thickener, ready-to-drink thickened beverages, quick meals, and oral nutritional supplements categories make up the type-based segments of the global market for dysphagia supplements. Due to its widespread use in hospitals and nursing homes for the treatment of patients with swallowing difficulties, the powder thickener segment is anticipated to dominate the market throughout the forecasted period. Due to the rising number of hospital admissions worldwide for the treatment of swallowing difficulties, the hospital application sector dominates the global market for dysphagia supplements.

Dysphagia Supplements are used to assist those who have trouble swallowing. The supplements may make it simpler to swallow the fluids or food. A sort of viscosity controller known as a powder thickening works by making the liquid it is used in denser. It can be utilised with liquids including water, glycerin, oils, and other specialised liquids that are both solid and liquid at normal temperature. Other than what is specified on the label, powder thickeners don’t contain any additional chemicals or additions. Due to their purity, they have no colour, taste, or aroma.

RTD-thickened beverages are a novel idea in the market for dysphagia supplements. RTD thickened beverages are convenient to consume and give those who have trouble swallowing immediate nutritional support. There are several flavours of the product, including strawberry, orange, cola, vanilla, and coffee.

The global market for dysphagia supplements is divided into applications for hospitals, retail pharmacies, drug stores, and supermarkets, as well as other applications. Hospitals had the greatest revenue share in 2017 because to reasons like rising patient admission rates, which led to an increase in the use of nutritional supplements by patients who were under- or malnourished. Due to growing consumer knowledge of good eating practises and rising rates of malnutrition in senior demographic groups throughout developing nations like China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, retail pharmacies accounted for a sizable portion of the market.

Due to rising consumer demand for ready-to-eat foods, particularly after dinner when most people prefer taking dietary supplements or drinking fortified beverages with meals, the instant food industry is anticipated to experience profitable growth throughout the forecast period. Over the projected period, rising demand for convenience goods such protein powder and meal replacement beverages is anticipated to support product demand.

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Global Dysphagia Supplements Market: Major Players
Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.
Clinico Co., Ltd.
Nutra Balance Products
Nutri Co., Ltd.
Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
Foricafoods corporation
The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd.
Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Saraya Co.,Ltd.
Nestlé Health Science France.
Danone S.A.
Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.
Fresenius Kabi
Flavor creations
Hormel Foods, LLC
Kewpie Corporation

Global Dysphagia Supplements Market: Types
Powder Thickness
Thickened Beverages
Instant Food
Oral Natural Supplements

Global Dysphagia Supplements Market: Applications

Dieticians who advise with health clubs have an impact on members’ use of weight reduction supplements. Additionally, growth is accelerated by the rising trend of achieving the ideal physical physique, particularly among younger age groups. Players in the public and private markets are concentrating on creating and innovating new items in order to survive the fierce competition. Key players are also concentrating on planning awareness programmes to promote the importance of reducing obesity and the advantages of weight-loss supplements. Key players are also bolstering their physical presence in retail pharmacies, drug stores, health & beauty shops, and department stores in addition to their online presence. Growth is being fueled by expanding strategic alliances, particularly mergers and acquisitions among significant market participants active in the weight management sector.

However, a number of regional and national governments have established strict regulatory frameworks that require market participants to present adequate proof of the safety and efficacy of each chemical used in the supplement, which is anticipated to impede market growth. The COVID-19 epidemic caused temporary lockdowns and the closure of gyms and fitness facilities, which caused people to adopt unhealthy lifestyle modifications and significantly reduce their physical activity. Market participants saw changes in customer behaviour during the pandemic. The epidemic drastically altered how people’s lives functioned in terms of the environment and society. People’s eating and lifestyle patterns were negatively altered as a result of these abrupt and noticeable alterations.