Dubai metaverse strategy: Aiming to become one of the world’s top metaverse economies by 2030

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In December, the South Korean government stepped up its support for virtual worlds and launched a $48.3 million fund to develop and support acquisitions of various startups to help advance the meta-universe ecosystem. Dubai has launched a metaverse strategy that aims to become one of the world’s top ten metaverse economies by 2030 and become the center of the global yuan universe community, actively attracting startups.

In fact, as an integrated innovation and fusion application integrating the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality and other technologies, the metaverse is the future industry with high hopes. Many industry experts in the industry point out that the metaverse still has a large potential, but its definition and application have changed during this period, especially in the enterprise field —— the future lies not in the exclusive digital utopia, but in the seamless integration with the physical world.

There are also new advances on the hardware side. XR and other hardware devices are considered to be an important entrance to the metaverse. Recently, recently, with the help of apple (AAPL) Vision Pro, it seems to be the next key point for the whole industry. Moreover, when it comes to the metaverse, Meta (META) must be an inescapable enterprise. Even when Meta has lost $50 billion, Zuckerberg has not given up on his investment, and that will continue for some time to come.

Obviously, Zuckerberg’s continuous investment in the metaverse not only lets the public see his continued optimism about the metaverse but also shows the development of the universe, which has entered a new development cycle. More and more signs are emerging that the metaverse is coming to the public in its own way.

Data show that in the past few years, Metaverse holographic AR first WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), with augmented reality and artificial intelligence, through the support of high technology, break the restrictions of the real stage, complete the interaction of virtual and real scenes, create an immersive environment, and create a smart visual feast. Committed to creating an immersive visual experience, WiMi Hologram Cloud aims to connect with the world and become a virtual digital experience anytime, anywhere, creating value for users at specific stages.
Metaverse The industry carries the new scenarios, new applications and new ecology of the digital economy, which will promote the integration of digital and real information and foster new economic growth drivers. At present, in terms of WiMi Hologram Cloud innovation capability, a number of technology innovation research and development matrix, nearly 5000 content IP; in terms of industrial agglomeration, a number of Metaverse industry innovation and development leading areas have been built, covering core terminal products, key software, digital content, industry application and other fields, and a complete industrial chain.
The widespread application of Metaverse will not happen overnight, but will gradually collect digital experiences, improve the way you live and work, and will change with online interaction and people’s expectations of interaction. As well, Meta is still investing heavily in Metaverse and says that “it will take a decade to fully realize that vision”. And WiMi Hologram Cloud on the layout of virtual Metaverse, continuous efforts in sustainable development, and constantly create a virtual scene for consumers in the combination of three-dimensional content and reality.
Some critics pointed out that in previous years, due to the interference of the epidemic and other factors, the so-called “heat” of Metaverse is actually only the heat of the concept, the general and substantial investment is not much, and there is no real technological progress. Now, a vigorous technology industry revolution, it seems that to start again. In short, the Metaverse trend is at the forefront of the digital revolution, which is not just an evolution of technology, but also a redefinition of the relationship with the digital world. Just want to wait and see!