Drs. On Calls launches in India and the Philippines, continuing their commitment to accessible and affordable healthcare to all

Mary Gorder, founder, and President of Drs. On Calls continues her passionate mission to ensure that people in the U.S. and elsewhere have access to quality and affordable healthcare. Visitors to the one-stop site can choose from a list of specialized healthcare specialists in their region. 

Virtual medicine and its benefits

Across the globe, healthcare has become unaffordable and inconvenient. Patients often cannot even afford primary healthcare because it is too expensive or their health insurance doesn’t cover them. People living in remote areas cannot access medical treatment easily either, and often there is a shortage of specialist care, making it almost impossible to get a timely appointment. 

The significance of virtual medical services cannot be ignored, and the developments across the globe in recent months have shown how important access to healthcare is for everyone. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many people with chronic health issues cannot leave their homes without risking their wellbeing. Many hospitals and clinics have also taken strict precautions to stop the spread of the virus and they have discouraged patients to visit for their regular consultations. Statistics worldwide have shown that inaccessibility to medical care at this time is costing lives. 


More than ever, people need care and compassion as they are forced to stay at home, either because of the pandemic, or as they get older and become less mobile. Often, homebound patients are unsure about their testing results and how to continue with their chronic medication. With Drs. On Calls, they get a live customer service representative that is lacking in today’s technology driven world who can connect them with a doctor within minutes.

Virtual telemedicine also allows other non-emergency patients to have consultations from the comfort of their homes. They are connected to licensed and healthcare professionals through web and mobile apps and for those that require monitoring, devices send the readings directly to the physician in charge. 

If any medical issue cannot be settled with a video call, they provide a list of locally listed specialized physicians for an in-person visit and offer concierge medical services. 

Additionally, Drs. On Calls ensures that the physicians consulted are covered by the medical plan of the patient, making medical care affordable. 

Even during the coronavirus crisis, Drs. On Calls continued with the launch of their services in India and the Philippines, extending their helping hand to communities where telemedicine is non-existent. 

Entrepreneurship can make the world a better place

Hardship is something Mary Gorder understands very well. She grew up in a family of 13, and her parents struggled to provide even the most basic of essentials to their large family. Unfortunately, poverty not only comes with hunger and loneliness but also robs people from seeking medical help when needed. 

For Gorder, the direct results of poverty were the tragic loss of her father and a sister because her family could not afford to have access to decent healthcare. That was when she vowed to help make medical care more affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Entrepreneurship has always been a part of Mary Gorder’s life. Every member of her family contributed to the family income from a young age, and she often recounts how she sold food  that her mother prepared door-to-door with her brother from the age of 7. 

Determination has been the driving force in her every venture, even when she cleaned the houses of neighbors at the age of 10. Improving people’s lives is what drives the founder of Drs. On Calls, and her first entrepreneurial venture was Sterling’s Home Health Care Solutions. For 15 years, she was able to grow the business in multiple locations where they offered seniors the services that allowed them to live a happy and an independent life in their own homes. 

 However, health care issues continued to be an area that concerned Mary, especially for the poor. That was when she set out to find a solution that would benefit the patients, but to also attract the best medical talent and Drs. On Calls was born. 

Today, Mary is a successful businesswoman, and a single mother of four who ensures that they are well provided for, but she has also helped her siblings a good education and makes sure that her mother has all her comforts. 

Supporting underprivileged children

Children are always of utmost importance to Gorder. Stemming from her experience with poverty, she believes every child deserves a joyous and carefree childhood that is filled with stimulation. According to Gorder, projects are more effective when they involve the whole community, and she founded a non-profit organization to give poor children social support and access to musical and cultural programs. She is devoted to ensuring they become well-balanced and productive individuals.