Dragon Quest Playable Fighter in Super Smash Bros

Another leak regarding the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch suggests that it will get various characters from the Dragon Quest. The Dataminer Jam1Garner discovered three codenames for the soon-to-be-launched Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The list includes codenames for Joker from Persona 5 and the Piranha Plant from the Mario Bros. series. One of them has been codenamed as ‘Brave’ and speculations suggest that it is Erdrick, who is the hero of Dragon Quest 3, the ‘Hero’ class in Dragon Quest is known as Yusha in Japan that means Brave. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been slated to receive five brand new downloadable fighters with the help of its paid season pass that is also referred to as a ‘Fighters Pass.’

A post on the popular gaming forum, ResetEra had Jam1Garner’s findings, which reads- “It has been confirmed that the data for ‘Brave’ has been added in the Day One patch (1.1.0) whereas the Piranha Plant and Joker have always been present in the base game itself. This may clearly indicate that ‘Brave’ is earlier in development than the other two DLC characters.

Reports suggested that Nintendo’s fighting game might also see an addition of Erdrick as a playable fighter, Dragon Quest’s Slim mascot popping up on the screen in the level Alefgard. This was reported by Persona Central, which is the site that claims that this collaboration has taken place to provide “the benefit of overseas marketing for the DQ [Dragon Quest] series.” In addition to this, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate receiving the Dragon Quest XI’s hero was “achieved through active collaboration on Square [Enix]’s side.”

Apart from all this, Persona Central also gave in details regarding what can be expected from Persona 5’s Joker when it will be available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The stage includes Momentos from Persona 5 and Persona mascot Jack Frost who will have skill too. A complete edition of Persona 5 which will be known as P5R is already in the works along with a Persona fighting game which might be known as the Persona 5 Ultimate. The former will be out in 2019 while the latter has been delayed due to the developer Arc System Works busy developing Granblue Fantasy Versus, which is a fighting game that is set in the popular mobile RPG universe.

At The Game Awards in 2018, Nintendo showed off the Persona 5 protagonist Joker as its first addition in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, and this was post-launching it outside the Piranha Plant. Joker will be available with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Challenge Pack 1. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass can be purchased to get all the DLCs. No details regarding how the Joker would play has been revealed.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass comes with all downloadable content (DLC) for $24.99 (around Rs. 1,750) with a confirmation that the content would be usable till February 2020. The DLC will be five sets, and each set will contain a character, stage, and music track. If it is purchased separately, the DLC will cost $5.99 (close to Rs. 420).

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