Dr. Ryan Shelton of Zenith Labs Shares 4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance as an entrepreneur seems like a pipe dream, especially if one is at the start-up stages. The grueling hours of figuring things out can eat up the time intended for an entrepreneur’s personal life. Things can even be more difficult when unexpected events directly affect one’s business–such as the case in the recent pandemic and economic downturns.

However, Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs Medical Director highlights the need for business owners to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Even if entrepreneurship is a flexible journey, there still needs to be a line drawn between managing your time and resources for business and personal matters. In this post, Dr. Ryan Shelton discusses how you can succeed in having a healthy work-life balance.

Plan how you use your time wisely

Business is all about strategy, and one way to keep your work within its timeframe is practical time management tools. You can look at your current usage of time when completing tasks and find key areas that need improvement.

Some effective time management strategies include:

  • Intervals technique: Disruptions can ruin your workflow during business hours. To prevent internal and external distractions, you can try the Pomodoro Technique, which involves 25-minute uninterrupted intervals with 5-minute breaks. This allows you to become highly productive in those 25 minutes while giving ample time for your mind and body to rest in small intervals.
  • Creating a block schedule: Time is also wasted when you’re going back and forth on different tasks. To make things easier in terms of effort and mind power, you can create a block schedule. For example, you will allocate 10-10:30 am to answer emails and 11-12:00 noon to finish an article.
  • Multi-tasking activities according to mental energy: To cross more things off your checklist, you can pair activities according to the mental energy they consume. One task must be mostly automatic, and the other one should require your attention. If you’re an entrepreneur staying at home, one great example is leaving your meals in the crockpot while answering work calls.

Time management is all about awareness that there’s a limit for both business and personal tasks. When you desire to separate these two areas, the more you are willing not to let work spill over your time for rest.

Allot a workspace that will encourage productivity

It is easy to assume that the ideal workplace is the one you’re most comfortable at. In many situations, this can be a place where you’ll easily be tempted to slack off and lead to work overtime.

Although comfort is important, Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs Medical Director also encourages business owners to prioritize an environment of productivity.

Some ways to accomplish productivity include:

  • Having a timer or clock in your work area: A timer or clock allows you to become extra aware of the hours left before a workday is done. This also allows you to plan ahead on most urgent tasks.
  • Ergonomic equipment: Tables and chairs should encourage good posture and prevent physical strain. Discomforts can decrease productivity and may also cause health problems in the long run.
  • Bright lighting: Light can also affect one’s mood and energy. Using a work-light allows one to stay alert during work hours.

Delegate when needed

You don’t have to do everything for your business. The smartest and most fulfilled entrepreneurs are those who delegate their tasks wisely. If marketing your business isn’t a particular strength, you can assign people who can do the work for you. Online marketing teams, social media assistants, and other creators can help promote your business while doing the administrative part of your business.

Delegation is the true way to growth. If you want to scale your business towards revenue growth or niche expansion, you must be willing to pass down work to others. To know which type of work you should delegate, some questions you can ask are:

  • What areas of my business can I automate?
  • What are things I don’t like doing?
  • What are some points of improvement where I can consult the help of experts?

By answering these questions, you can easily find which tasks you can pass on to others for business success and better work-life balance.

Allocate personal time strictly

The best way to feel satisfied with your leisure time and return to your business feeling energized is by being strict with your time. This means avoiding business calls, answering emails, or accepting transactions in your personal days or hours.

If you’re spending time with family, decrease the work-related distractions by putting your phone on silent or leaving your laptop at home. Focus on your self-care and wellbeing by delineating time for yourself and your responsibilities at work.

People often feel unsatisfied and overworked when they don’t draw the boundaries between personal time and business affairs. They come back to work like they have worked all week, thus losing motivation and concentration. Therefore, allocating personal time strictly, without work distractions, can significantly improve one’s well-being.

Work-Life Balance For Well-being and Success

Finding the right proportion between work and personal life is not just for one’s health and wellness but also for business success. Caring for your health and happiness allows you to have the energy to make your entrepreneurial journey sustainable.