DoorSpace secures $2M in seed round to fuel continued growth in healthcare technology industry

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DoorSpace secures $2M in seed round

Investment to fuel DoorSpace’s continued growth and innovation in the healthcare technology industry

Houston, Texas, May 9th, 2024: DoorSpace, an emerging force in the B2B healthcare technology industry, has announced it has successfully secured two million in its latest round of seed funding.


The two million in funding will be allocated to a range of transformative initiatives, aimed to solidify and expand DoorSpace’s position in the market. A portion will be invested in efforts to reach a wider customer base, particularly rural healthcare organizations grappling with high turnover rates and talent retention challenges, which are crippling the healthcare industry as a whole. 


We are very excited and optimistic about what the future holds for DoorSpace. This funding will be used to expand our capabilities so that we can help even more clinicians and healthcare organizations. Our platform’s purpose is to make work better for healthcare professionals; we see a real need to make operations more efficient within the healthcare industry and we are here to be a part of the solution.” says DoorSpace CEO Sarah M. Worthy.


To enrich user experience and enhance our value proposition, DoorSpace will channel resources into developing and enhancing their platform, with a keen emphasis on integrating cutting-edge AI and ML capabilities to elevate the efficacy of the application. 


DoorSpace will also deploy funds towards extending the functionality of their platform, enabling a more comprehensive suite of solutions for clients. DoorSpace’s strategic initiatives will enable healthcare organizations to leverage the platform to improve their care provision, facilitating better outcomes for patients and their communities.


This new funding will enable the DoorSpace team to further innovate and expand to help address issues impacting operations within healthcare organizations.


“We couldn’t be more excited to announce the successful completion of a $2M seed round investment, enabling us to strengthen our software, broaden our customer base, and deliver advanced solutions to healthcare organizations. With this investment, we are set to transform employee data management, driving efficiency, retention, and ultimately, better patient outcomes,” shares Brian White, the CRO and Co-founder of DoorSpace.


The successful closure of this $2 million seed funding round marks a significant milestone for DoorSpace in its mission to redefine healthcare operations. As DoorSpace sets its sights on expansion and continued technological advancement, the investment reflects a strong vote of confidence from the investor community in the company’s vision and strategy. This capital will not only enable DoorSpace to innovate but also to scale up operations, targeting essential enhancements that promise to make healthcare workflows more efficient and responsive.


Looking ahead, DoorSpace will continue to contribute to the transformation of healthcare management through innovative solutions. With a clear focus on improving the day-to-day operations of healthcare providers and enhancing patient care, DoorSpace is ready to tackle the ongoing challenges in the healthcare sector.

About DoorSpace


DoorSpace is delivering the next generation of healthcare professional development software through their innovative, people-centric, cloud-based solution that helps healthcare professionals get back to what’s important: helping their patients and themselves. Based in Houston, Texas, DoorSpace is transforming the way healthcare organizations retain and develop clinical talent by bringing personnel, administration monitoring, and organization systems together in a user-friendly platform that streamlines healthcare processes. DoorSpace is making work better for the people who make a difference.


About Sarah M. Worthy


Sarah M. Worthy is the CEO and founder of DoorSpace, a company that is transforming the way healthcare organizations retain and develop talent while solving critical turnover issues in the healthcare industry. Sarah has over 15 years of experience in the B2B technology and healthcare industries. DoorSpace’s innovative technology “flips the script” on the question from “what makes people leave?” to “what makes people stay?


About Brian White 


Brian White is the CRO and co-founder of DoorSpace. He has 14 years of experience in business development and B2B software sales helping organizations leverage technology to add efficiency, drive revenue growth and improve their customer experience.