DoorSpace Launches App to Help Burdened Clinicians

DoorSpace Logo

DoorSpace has officially launched its app for clinicians and healthcare organizations to to help licensed clinicians of all ages and stages of their careers by making it easy to keep track of their credentials, certifications and admin-related work. 


“My long term vision for DoorSpace is to provide a suite of tools that do more than just reduce the time clinicians are spending managing this professional paperwork – my vision is to enable the healthcare industry to transform the way clinicians are developed across their careers. This mobile app is the first step towards achieving that vision of leading healthcare away from “checking boxes” for bare minimum compliance to a culture of continuous learning and development,” explains DoorSpace CEO Sarah M. Worthy.


Physicians face an overwhelming schedule of visiting and caring for patients and administrative work and credentialing. DoorSpace’s app aims to cut down on that by streamlining the process and keeping all data in one secure place that physicians can access at any time throughout their careers, not just when they are employed at a certain organization.


“Releasing this app to the public is a large step in ensuring that licensed clinicians and healthcare employers are maximizing their days without being bogged down by credentialing, redundant paperwork and other time-consuming, administrative tasks. Healthcare organizations need to step into the 21st century, particularly their HR departments. Our app can help providers get back to their mission: taking care of people,” explains Worthy.


DoorSpace’s innovative platform extends its benefits beyond individual clinicians. Healthcare institutions are set to experience a notable transformation in their operational dynamics. By integrating the app into their systems, these organizations can streamline the onboarding process for new clinicians, ensuring that all necessary credentials and certifications are in place from the start. This not only enhances compliance and reduces risks but also accelerates the time it takes for a clinician to become an active, contributing member of the healthcare team.


The app promises to revolutionize continuing education and professional development within the healthcare sector. Clinicians can easily track and manage their ongoing education requirements, stay informed about the latest developments in their fields, and access a wealth of resources for career advancement. This feature addresses a critical gap in the healthcare industry, where keeping up with the rapidly evolving medical knowledge, new tech developments like AI, and other evolving practices is imperative.


There is a need for a paradigm shift in healthcare management. By providing a centralized, user-friendly platform for all credentialing and administrative needs, healthcare professionals can be empowered to focus on what truly matters – patient care and professional growth. This technology is set to pave the way for a more efficient, effective, and evolved healthcare system, where administrative efficiency and clinical excellence go hand in hand.


“Today, with the launch of DoorSpace’s groundbreaking app, we are redefining the way healthcare staffing operates. Gone are the days of fragmented and outdated data management. Our commitment is to empower both healthcare providers and clinicians with streamlined, interconnected data solutions. We believe that by enhancing the employee journey, we’re not just reducing turnover and administrative burden, we’re elevating patient care,” states the Chief Physician Executive at DoorSpace, Paul Bergeron.


The introduction of technology solutions like the one envisioned by DoorSpace highlights a crucial need in the healthcare industry: the need to support and streamline the administrative responsibilities of physicians. In an industry often criticized for overlooking the well-being and operational efficiency of its clinicians, such innovations are more than just tools—they represent a shift towards recognizing and addressing the challenges healthcare professionals face. By centralizing credential management, facilitating continuous learning, and ensuring compliance, these technological advancements play a vital role in reducing the administrative burden on clinicians. This not only aids in improving their work-life balance but also ensures that their primary focus can remain on patient care. The adoption of such technology across the healthcare sector could signify a much-needed move towards a more supportive, efficient, and clinician-centric approach to healthcare management.