Do You Need A Steam Cleaner At Home?

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The presence of steam cleaning in the commercial space has expanded rapidly over the past few years, likely due to the rising hygiene standards that are expected of businesses as the years go by. Steam cleaners are able to achieve this higher level of sanitisation because they liquify grease and debris that would otherwise still be lingering if traditional cleaning methods were used (it has even been recommended to combat the spread of COVID-19).

Steam cleaning is also preferred for its sustainable and ecological qualities: since it barely uses any water, it can provide an extremely high level of disinfection without the need for environmentally-damaging chemicals. Whilst valid reasons for the growth of steam cleaners in the commercial world, they do not directly translate as justifications for domestic use, giving rise to the question of whether a steam cleaner is needed at home or not.

Reasons To Buy A Steam Cleaner

The paramount justification for the domestic use of steam cleaning is the potential money-saving opportunity it represents. Many households will have a great number of cleaning products hidden away in their cupboards, with separate sprays for the various individual surfaces of their house (i.e. windows, mirrors, bathrooms and floors etc.). A single steam cleaner saves heaps of money as it cuts out the need for the majority of these sprays.

Another benefit is the escape it provides from the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning. Many cleaning products omit a stench of bleach, and it is very common for detergents to induce nauseating effects and light-headedness. However, since steam cleaners use only water and heat, it eliminates the need for chemicals, and can even provide a fresh, clean smell with the option to add detergent to the water. An added benefit of this is that it makes it child and pet-friendly.

Regular steam cleaning can keep your home at a higher level of cleanliness than other alternatives, and much more conveniently. For example, an arduous process is required to clean bedsheets in order to ensure their immaculateness, but the high temperature of steam alone can kill bacteria and mould without the need for chemicals.

A clear benefit all homeowners will appreciate is the speed with which it cleans, as well as the speed with which the floor dries afterwards. People will no longer be faced with the dilemma of having to tiptoe around a freshly mopped kitchen floor so as to not dirty it again immediately. On top of this, it provides a far superior clean for much less effort.

How Do Steam Cleaners Work?

Steam cleaners use steam that has been heated up to temperatures of 170 degrees celsius to liquefy a surface’s grease and dirt. In doing so, it allows for this difficult to remove patina to be eliminated in situations where traditional cleaning alternatives like a mop or vacuum would otherwise be unable to.

The use of heated steam for commercial cleaning purposes has been present for over 150 years, however, recent innovations in the industry that have allowed portable versions to be created have now vastly increased its use domestically as well. Homeowners recognise that this represents the next generation of cleaning, and is setting the bar for the level of hygiene that can be expected of a house.

By being heated to such temperatures, the steam is able to dissolve the dirt ingrained into a surface without amalgamating it with extra water – this means that the area can be sanitised without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition to this, steam cleaners can provide deep cleaning for carpets through the combination of dry steam with a vacuum cleaner.

Closing Remarks

The popularity of steam cleaning has grown exponentially in the last decade. Whilst the commercial reasons for this are extremely apparent (i.e. higher standard of sanitisation expected by consumers, efficiency, ease and speed etc.), the reasons for domestic use are only just being realised.

Moreover, with the release of portable steamer versions of these products by companies such as Fortador, this cleaning option is becoming much more widespread in its use at home. It offers a standard of cleaning that is higher and more child-friendly than traditional alternatives and is often less than the combination of all the cleaning products required for each individual surface. It is most certainly needed at home.

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