DigitalFuture explains how mobile publishers can increase revenues in 2020

Elisha Elbaz, CEO at DigitalFuture discusses the latest trends in mobile performance marketing, issues with header bidding and the rising rates of CPM bidding. He explains how common network challenges can be resolved in programmatic media buying. He also discusses how apps can be better monetized and how to rapidly boost app downloads and user acquisition. 

Publishers may have had a rough time in recent years, with click through rates on inventory at all-time lows. Particularly, consumers required frequent changes to display advertising to interrupt “banner blindness”. But according to Elisha Elbaz, the CEO of DigitalFuture a global media agency in Israel, mobile inventory could be in for a spike in revenue. He is very much fashion-oriented, up to speed with technology trends and has an insider view on the mobile performance segment.  

Publishers who seek alternative revenue options and the highest possible eCPM will naturally compare and test various platforms. Now it seems that performance marketing is one of the variables more publishers will be testing. During an interview with Mr. Elbaz, he provided some useful insights to back his assertion:

Image credit: Elisha Elbaz

Explain the position of DigitalFuture in the mobile media-buying market?

“We sit on an interesting junction, where mobile app developers ask us for ways to increase their revenue – and to grow their number of app installs rapidly. Getting to serve some companies on both sides of the equation, helps us to understand the most common challenges. This is because we have to come up with innovative ways to acquire more users and also to better ways to monetize those users. We’ve now opened our platform so that publishers can list their inventory with us directly, which means they will bypass a long list of intermediaries in the programmatic media supply chain to get a better deal. Given our unique position with both buyers and sellers of mobile media, you can obviously understand that issues like the validity of inventory, transparency and ad fraud are of immense importance to maintain one of the best reputations in the industry.” 

What is the main reason mobile inventory is becoming more valuable?

“Mobile visits consistently increases every year. In 2018 it accounted for more than half of all internet traffic, which will continue to grow. People not only spend more time on their phone, but also taking more and more actions such as downloading apps and making purchases. 

Mobile traffic also divides to two: in-app and web.  People nowadays prefer using apps over mobile sites due to a better user experience, responsiveness of actions, and extra features. 

As mobile traffic becomes more popular, naturally more media buyers explore different ways to come up with monetization methods and pour a lot of resources into advertising costs.”


What other impact could this have on publishers?

“The increased use of mobile performance marketing also introduces the need for app developers to demonstrate greater integrity. The solution is to work with industry leading attribution tools such as AppsFlyer and Adjust that brings greater transparency”


What are the challenges ad networks need to solve in mobile performance marketing?

“The mobile performance industry is an amazing place to be in 2020. With that said, companies working in that space greatly suffer from little to no quality feedback, lack of transparency in events and goals, revenue approvals and timely payments. We need to step up the level of professionalism in our industry”

How are you helping to solve these issues?

We have put in place much-needed systems that enable more control of the performance of the traffic in real time. This comes with frequent quality feedback to our publishers and traffic sources. We also believe the fact that payments and approvals are always on time, helps to build more trust and makes the process more reliable. 


How can a company rapidly boost it’s app downloads?

“Never think of a solo tactic to achieve your outcomes. A few things move in tandem: APP SEO and app store optimization (ASO), branding and social media campaigns help to increase the ROI. Once we boost your app downloads through a campaign, valid user reviews that comes from a good UX and diligent ASO, will lead to another wave of organic app downloads.” 



Mobile ad revenues have seen bumper year in 2019.  It may be that 2020 can hold peak revenue for this segment too. By targeting mobile users correctly, with the right combination of monetization options, can be the perfect match for both publishers and advertisers. Ultimately the consumer is in the driver’s seat and needs to have a good user-experience with higher ad relevance than before. Driving more app revenue and acquiring high-volume app installs from relevant users will surely continue to be key priorities for tech and media buy teams.