Digital Printing Packaging Market to expand at an 5.1% value CAGR by 2032

Global digital printing packaging demand is anticipated to be valued at US$ 17,760.7 Million in 2022, forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% to be valued at US$ 29,206.9 Million from 2022 to 2032. Growth of the Digital Printing Packaging Market is attributed to the growing demand for the flexible packaging.

Digital printing in packaging is the process of transferring a digital file (usually a JPEG or PDF file) directly to a printer for applications on packaging materials. The digital files are converted into the CMYK color system to communicate more accurate color output from screen to substrate. Unlike offset printing, digital printers don’t require any manual labor for set up, meaning there are no dyes or paper rolls to be installed.

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Leading market players profiled in the report on the Digital Printing Packaging Market include

  • HP Corporation,
  • Landa Corporation Co., Ltd.
  • Xeikon NV,
  • mondi group,
  • Eastman Kodak Company,
  • Quad/Graphics, Inc.,
  • Reynders label printing,
  • Tailored Label Packaging Co.,
  • DS Smith Plc,
  • Creative Labels Inc.,
  • Torako Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • tim group,
  • Elanders,
  • Ws Packaging Group, Inc., and
  • Such as Colordruck Baiersbron.

Rapid turnaround Persuasive adoption

Digital printing packaging is a type of printing technology, which mainly uses electronically controlled laser and inkjet printers to print packaging materials.

Digital print packaging also requires minimal press setup, resulting in faster turnaround times. In addition, digital printed packaging reduces print response time compared to traditional printing technology.

The application of short run digital printing technology with customized marketing communications on packaging offers benefits to print service providers and package converters in the form of controlled inventory levels. This makes the digital printing package suitable for high quality graphics packaging applications.

The global digital printing packaging market is segmented on the basis of printing technology type, product type, and end use.

The global digital printing packaging market is projected to double by the end of 2031 .

Europe touted as a profitable market

North America holds more than a quarter of the global digital printing packaging market share and  is estimated to maintain its dominance in the global market .

China is also one of the leading manufacturers of digital printing packaging solutions, accounting for over 10% of the global market.

In the South Asia region, India has emerged as one of the key markets for digital printing packaging. With the presence of several unorganized players, the digital printing packaging market in Asia has developed as a competitive market and is expected to expand at a considerable rate during the forecast period.

Although a mature market, Europe presents a great opportunity for the digital print packaging market. This could be attributed to the surge in demand for aesthetic printing solutions in the region.

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Additionally, digitally printed folding cartons are widely used in several end-use industries such as food, beverages, personal care, and cosmetics, driving the growth of the digital printed packaging market.

In Europe, the UK is expected to witness high growth in the digital printing packaging market, while Germany is expected to stand out in terms of both market value share and increasing opportunities in the European market.

The digital printed packaging market is expected to benefit most from the demand generated by label and tape applications.

In 2019, the United States is expected to account for over 90% value share in the North American digital printing packaging market.

Moreover, Canada is expected to witness a growth of over 5% in the North American digital printing packaging market during the forecast period of 2021-2031.

Key Segment

By type of printing technology:

  • liquid toner electrophotographic printing
  • nanographic printing
  • inkjet technology
  • Others (dye toner)

By product type:

  • label
  • Flexible packaging
    • film & wrap
    • bag & sack
    • pouch & sachet
  • cardboard packaging
  • folding carton
  • bottle & jar
  • metal can
  • others

End use category:

  • food
  • drinks
  • alcoholism
  • Non-alcoholic
  • pharmaceuticals
  • personal care and cosmetics
  • electronic comp.
  • Chemicals
  • Others (automobiles, etc.)

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