Devan Leos Reigns as the ‘Man of the Year’ 2022 with a Powerful Achievement

Devan Leos 2021

Who would’ve thought that a failed actor could become the ‘Man of the Year’?!

Devan Leos proved everyone wrong! The ex-actor turned entrepreneur has made waves in the PR industry, and nonprofit sector. US Features magazine recognized him for his inspiring story and hard work, making him an inspirational role model to many.

Devan Leos in 2023 wearing a suit, tie, and reading glasses
(Credit: Devan Leos 2023)

Leos’ story is that of a phoenix rising from the ashes. After his acting career crashed, he hit rock bottom but instead of giving up, he decided to turn around his life and become an entrepreneur. In 2022, he founded CMNT Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to making communities safer and smarter through security technology and open source intelligence. Through their work, they have helped numerous victims in California by making those areas safer and smarter (more aware) places.


Leos has pioneered an innovative approach to enmesh security technology that unites open-source intelligence with analytic and actionable support, to help communities become more aware of possible threats.

Leos’ work with CMNT Inc. is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his contributions to society. While on Disney channel, he also reportedly dedicated both time to numerous charities, such as Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and Family Promise, emphasizing the significance of giving back to your community and encouraging others to do likewise.

Leos, a C-Level entrepreneur (founder of DDigital), is renowned for his creativity and embrace of Web 3.0 technology. He’s widely considered as an expert and pioneer of modern public relations; his ability to craft unique yet captivating content has earned him widespread recognition within the tech industry; he’s been featured Yahoo Finance among other magazines and news outlets. He is also an author for Entrepreneur magazine





Leos’ receipt of the “Man of the Year” award is an enormous accomplishment in his career, a recognition of his dedication to both his organization and tech industry. Many find inspiration in Leos’ story, especially those facing hardships. His commitment to giving back to society and making a real impact on people’s lives speaks volumes about who he is as an individual and reflects well upon him.

Devan Leos will hopefully be an inspiration to anyone looking to turn their life around. His story of never giving up and his capacity for helping others are lessons we can all learn from. He has made significant contributions to technology, with his work with CMNT Inc. potentially revolutionizing how we interact with machines. The former actor has the power to use his influence to become a true leader and role model, we eagerly await what he and his team will accomplish next!


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