Denham Springs Tattoo Studio Launches Newly-Redesigned Website

Denham Springs Tattoo Studio Launches Newly-Redesigned Website

Faithful Tattoo Studio, a downtown Denham Springs, LA tattoo shop specializing in custom tattoos, has launched its newly-redesigned website. The site was redesigned by BlakSheep Creative, a creative agency based out of Denham Springs, LA.

Travis, Courtney, and the Taylor Family

“When we moved into our new location in the Antique Village, we decided that we needed an updated website to match our new, modern space,” said Faithful Tattoo Studio owner Courtney Taylor. “We approached BlakSheep about redesigning our site, and they did an amazing job.”

“The team at BlakSheep is thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Courtney and the team at Faithful Tattoo Studio,” said Clint Sanchez, owner of BlakSheep Creative. “Our goal was to create a website that would reflect the high-quality of their work, and we believe we’ve accomplished that.”

Taylor adds, “At times when Clint and the team were explaining some things that needed to be done, I was a little bit lost. But, they encouraged me to ask questions and made sure I understood everything before moving forward. The process was very smooth and the end result is a website that we’re extremely proud of.”

Sanchez added, “We are firm believers that a successful website is a collaborative effort between the client and the agency. We’re thankful that Courtney was willing to work with us to create a website that we believe will be a valuable asset for her business.”

“We use a platform called Vagaro to take care of all of our appointments and client bookings, so we wanted to make sure that was prominently featured on the site,” said Taylor. “The team at BlakSheep did a great job of integrating Vagaro into the site and making sure it was easy for visitors to use.”

“Incorporating Vagaro into the website was a breeze for our team. We logged into their account, grabbed some code and integrated it into the website,” said Sanchez. “The end result is a website that allows visitors to easily book appointments with Faithful Tattoo Studio.”

SEO was also a key consideration in the redesign process. With several new tattoo shops popping up in the Denham Springs area, Faithful Tattoo Studio wanted to make sure they were at the top of the list when people searched for tattoo shops online.

“Nothing against any of the other shops in town, but we definitely want to be the first tattoo shop that comes up when people are looking for one,” said Taylor. “I think the redesign has put us in a good position to achieve that goal.”

Owl Tattoo by Travis Taylor – Faithful Tattoo Studio

“We had an added bonus with this site. I love tattoos and always look for new shops to check out. So, when I was assigned to this project, I was pretty stoked,” said Sanchez. “I have several friends and family who have already been to see Travis and the team, and his work is amazing. Don’t worry, I’ll be sitting in his chair soon enough!”

If you’re in the Denham Springs, LA area and looking for a custom tattoo, check out Faithful Tattoo Studio’s newly-redesigned website.

About Faithful Tattoo

Faithful Tattoo Studio is a Denham Springs, LA, tattoo studio that is just as much about the experience as it is about the tattoo. The studio offers a range of services, including custom tattoos, body piercings, and tattoo aftercare supplies. Whether you’re looking for your first tattoo or your hundredth, Faithful Tattoo Studio is the place for you.

Opened in February 2017 by Travis and Courtney Taylor, Faithful Tattoo Studio is quickly becoming the go-to tattoo shop in Denham Springs, LA. Since moving from their home studio to their new digs smack dab in the heart of Denham Springs, the studio has been busy tattooing and piercing the good people of Livingston Parish.

The Taylors take pride in their work and strive to give each and every client the best possible experience. They believe getting a tattoo should be fun, not stressful, and they go out of their way to ensure each client feels comfortable and relaxed.

The experience isn’t limited to the individual getting the tattoo, either. Travis, Courtney, Blue, Kole, and Matt believe that families are forever, and they encourage family members and friends to come hang out in the studio while someone is getting tattooed. They offer a clean and comfortable waiting area with plenty of seating, a TV, and free WiFi.

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo experience that you’ll never forget, look no further than Faithful Tattoo Studio.