DaySchedule launches appointment scheduling software to make scheduling meetings simpler and easier

With a personalized scheduling page and flexibility to schedule meetings, DaySchedule’s appointment scheduling software is bringing incredible features designed especially for the Indian market.

Looking at the struggles of people who are tired of wasting time trying to find a free slot in their calendar to share with their customers or sending back-and-forth emails to check availability and time zone, DaySchedule has released  Appointment Scheduling software. This unique software allows users to schedule meetings with a personalized scheduling page.

The DaySchedule software has been developed to help people to create personalized scheduling pages. Thousands of businesses like Doctors, Investors, Consultants, Sales teams, SPA, Parlour, etc already started using the day schedule app to create business scheduling pages to let their customers self-schedule appointments, pay fees and do more. 

The DaySchedule users can set the location, duration, availability, calendar, and other options as per their preferences in the day schedule software. 

The software is available under SaaS subscription modal starting from Rs. 349 per user, per month ($5 in USD) and a free-forever plan for individuals and community members with some limitations.

This software has been developed by Agenty Analytics Private Limited, India.

Some of the day schedule appointment scheduling software features are as follows:

  • Create an online appointment scheduling page to allow your customers to view availability with a real-time calendar sync and self-schedule appointments.
  • The user can connect their Google and Microsoft Calendar to synchronize the availability across various time zones. It will aid the customers in finding the right time for their online meetings with automatic timezone detection.
  • Accept payment for your services like Consulting, Coaching, Hair salon etc by connecting DaySchedule with Stripe, PayPal or Razorpay to accept payments via UPI in India.
  • It comes with a customizable design to specify the color, theme, background, and logo for matching the brand with this online scheduling page.
  • It is easy to track the appointments as it is available on the single dashboard. It comes with calendar views, search, and filters. One can locate the team meetings with the help of location, employee, and event. It helps to improve the productivity of the teams.
  • It is also possible to connect day scheduling software with video conferencing services like Zoom, Webex, and others or set custom locations for the meetings.

Vikash Rathee, the CEO, said, “It is a simple and powerful tool that users can use for scheduling appointments, meetings and services. We want to simplify the appointment scheduling process for millions of Indians looking to move their business online”

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About DaySchedule:

The DaySchedule is designed to assist people in creating personalized scheduling pages. The user can customize the location, duration, availability, calendar, and other features to create perfect appointment scheduling pages for their businesses.

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