dAppy Bears: A Contemporary NFT Graphics Factory Collection

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The graphics design industry has evolved throughout the years and is constantly shifting and evolving by leaning into the advancements of new digital art tools and technologies. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the graphic design industry is potentially expected to grow by 3% from the year 2020 to 2030. With the modernized and digitized society of today, more and more businesses and individuals are resorting to the use of online platforms and communicative tools, consequently increasing the need for a visual appearance to improve digital presence, which may be designated by using the aid of graphic designers. 

Over the years, more and more online platforms and websites like Graphics Factory have been developed in order to offer searchable and downloaded clip art images to enhance users’ visual experience of digital art both online and offline. For those looking for clip art tools to potentially utilize for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, this company may potentially be considered suitable for enjoyment.

Understanding NFTs

NFTs, or Non-fungible tokens, may be explained as a new and innovative part of the Ethereum blockchain; they are unique and may potentially be the future innovation of the digital and visual art space.  NFTs may likely be anything digital, such as drawings, clip art vectors, or even AI technologies, and are designed in order to give their buyer something unique and precious that cannot be replicated, ideally granting ownership of the artist’s work to the buyer. 

Graphics factory, a well-established clip art empire owned by Rob Gillen, has introduced a new and exciting innovative sector of their business labeled dAppy Bears. dAppy Bears is a novel and exciting addition to the clip art collection. One of the bragging rights that may come with purchasing a dAppy Bear could be owning a digital art form with blockchain entry and usage rights. This collection may very possibly become more precious over time and be resold on online marketplaces of authenticated digital illustrations.

The dAppy Bear Collection

Recently Graphics Factory has developed its very own NFT accumulation labeled as the dAppy Bear collection. This collection comprises of approximately 10 000 generative NFTs with more than 200 dappy traits of backgrounds, bodies, facial features, clothing, jewelry, and hats. Each digital Bear personality is a one-of-a-kind, non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. The official dAppy Bear collection is to be announced for sale on social media and may potentially cost 0.01 ETH, including gas fees per one dAppy Bear NFTGraphics Factory recommends that a Metamask should be a possible favorable choice of usage for a wallet.

The Graphics Factory Development and History

Graphics Factory, founded in January 1997, has recently been celebrating its 24th year online. The company formally pioneered as an online tool for searchable clip art, which was initially a very new niche that took off in the digital art space. However, after evolving and developing with various technologies, the company now offers what may potentially be described as the largest and economically friendly on-demand subscription services specializing in unlimited clip art illustrations and royalty-free vector clip art images, graphics, animations, and visual aids for commercial usage. Initially, the Graphics factory started out as gifArt.com. It originally began as an original graphics portal to online digital designers who needed to save both time and money on digital and online visual tools for utilization. Eventually, the platform developed and expanded with the demand of gifART.com’s images and clip art tools. After deliberation, gifART.com elected to modify their name in 2004 to adequately represent the type of service they have on offer. 

The founder, Robert Gillen, who is the owner and CEO of Graphics Factory, professionally has 25 years of expertise in the craft of digital art and imaging. The company appears to be based on a passion for creation and innovation; it strives to thrive by delivering high-quality digital clip art tools, images, and photos and may possibly be considered to be a leading establishment in the online clip art market. 

Final Thoughts  

Overall, Rob has appeared to have created an empire in the clip art industry for himself. With a passionate focus on producing easy-to-use clip art solutions, the company could very likely be considered to have enhanced its users’ online and offline experience in visual aids.With the additional development of the new dAppy Bears innovation, the Graphics factory has introduced a new kind of value and appreciation of the digital art movement in the form of blockchain Ethereum tokens, consequently taking digital clip art vectors to new heights. 


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