CRTC Blindeye “Oversight”to CTV Exemplary Lack of Acadian Inclusion

CRTC's Blindeye "Oversight"to CTV Atlantic's Exemplary Lack of Acadian Inclusion

CRTC Blindeye “Oversight” to CTV Exemplary Lack of Acadian Inclusion

Francophobic Atlantic Canadian Media Oligarchy in decline
Francophobic Atlantic Canadian Media Oligarchy in Decline

Oh, what a wonderful world we live in, where media giants parade their noble commitment to diversity and inclusion while blatantly showcasing the opposite. The CRTC, Canada’s broadcasting watchdog with no teeth, seems to be playing the role of the quintessential three monkeys, with hands firmly placed over eyes, ears, and mouths, whenever they peek at’s “Live at Five” news coverage. It’s almost as if they believe that ignoring the xenophobic, francophobic, and queerphobic undertones in the programming will make them magically disappear. Bravo, CRTC, you’ve perfected the art of selective blindness!

Who needs a diverse and representative media landscape, anyway? Not CTV Atlantic, that’s for sure. With the finesse of a bull in a china shop, the network somehow manages to churn out daily news broadcasts that make your great-grandma’s outdated views look positively progressive. While the rest of the world moves forward, embracing diversity and inclusion, CTV Atlantic prefers to stick to the good ol’ days when being straight, white, and Anglo was the only way to be.

CRTC regulations prove themselves to be as useful as a pair of Tits on a Bull

Let’s not forget the exceptional performance of the all-straight white Anglo Halifax HRM-centric news anchors who, despite their impressive award-winning professional façades, seem to have mastered the art of queasy queer avoidance. It’s truly remarkable how they can deliver the news without ever uttering the words “LGBTQ+” or acknowledging the existence of a vibrant queer community. It’s almost as if they believe that discussing anything other than cis-heteronormative lifestyles might somehow unravel the fabric of their conservative, bygone-era worldview.

Francophobic Atlantic Canadian Media Oligarchy in Decline
Francophobic Atlantic Canadian Media Oligarchy in Decline

But let’s not stop at queerphobia—oh no, there’s more to savour. Enter the world of Francophobia, where speaking French Acadian might as well be an alien language. CTV ever the purveyor of Anglo-centric Kjipuktuk values, graces us with its profound disregard for an entire cultural heritage. Who cares about preserving diverse linguistic and cultural identities when you can slap on an “English Only” sign and call it a day? The network’s dedication to maintaining a straight, white, Anglo status quo is awe-inspiring as they showcase cute cat and dog videos.

And speaking of the status quo, we mustn’t forget Halifax—the city where change is as welcome as a cat at a dog show. The proud capital of commerce and government-funded power is under no obligation to broaden its horizons. Why venture into the realm of cultural inclusivity when you can bask in the glory of being a beacon of homogeneous monotony? French Acadian culture? We have nothing against the French, providing they know their place. Sorry, we’re too busy reinforcing socio-cultural and socio-economic ghettos to concern ourselves with such trifles.

But worry not, dear reader, for the tale takes a turn. The tech-savvy contemporary artists, armed with their paintbrushes and worldwide press releases, are fighting the good fight. Their frustration and anger, born from the abyss of media assimilation, are expressed in ways that the news anchors and their overlords can’t ignore. Social media is a powerful tool, and these artists are wielding it with a surgeon’s precision, exposing the network’s insidious biases and narrow-mindedness.

Of course, the icing on the cake is that CTV Atlantic’s outdated, formulaic, cookie-cutter programming of exclusin; is slowly but surely losing its grip on the public. As new mediums of media consumption gain traction, the once-mighty gatekeepers are realizing that they can’t keep audiences in the dark forever. Who would’ve thought people might want to consume news and content reflecting their realities, identities, and diverse experiences?

CRTC’s Astounding “Oversight”: CTV Atlantic’s Exemplary Lack of Inclusion

In conclusion, we raise a sarcastic toast to the CRTC, whose ability to overlook glaring xenophobia, Francophobia, and queerphobia is genuinely a work of art. As the world evolves, as minds expand, and as societies progress, networks like CTV will be cornered by a French Acadian public demanding better. And when that time comes, perhaps they’ll look back and realize that embracing diversity and inclusion wasn’t just a fleeting trend—it was the only way to stay relevant in a changing world. Cheers to that!