Covid-19 tracker launched by riverBI: Forecasting infections using data trends

  • Making sense quickly of the Covid-19 related data and trends to make better forecasts has just become a reality thanks to a new proprietary tracker developed by riverBI.
  • The use of Einstein analytics and Tableau combined with rich data sources is a potential breakthrough innovation depending on how it is used.

Shortly after Tableau launched a Covid-19 tracker and resource hub, Lucas Ribeiro and Gian Nass at riverBI realized it was a noble idea but that more could be done. As Ribeiro says: “We saw that something was missing in the toolkit produced by various innovators: there were Covid-19 location-based apps, chatbots offering much-needed medical information and several maps that merely pointed out pandemic hotspots. We investigated weather the datasets we have access to, could be used to render a valuable contribution – and it turned out to be the case.” This is exactly what they did and the result was embraced overwhelmingly by users who tried out this new piece of innovation.

(Interested parties can see the Covid-19 tracker here)

The most valuable resource that they were able to deploy, among other data sources, is Einstein Analytics. The missing piece of the puzzle turned out to be forecasting. None of the existing trackers or mapping systems had predictable functionality. Through their ability to use key sets of data in order to predict future occurrences of the pandemic, it would mean that if this information is acted upon, the technology has the potential to save lives. It can also enable emergency services to be better prepared. Exploring data at the click of a button or by expanding relevant screens (either via desktop or mobile), enables a deeper understanding and ability to the next phase of the virus if interpreted intelligently.


Gian Nass noted that “the addition of a timeseries analysis feature, means that we go beyond the basic trends and understand things like projected fatalities and other likely scenarios awaiting us. Of-course this can also help to confirm positive trends such as flattening of the curve and greater certainty. During times of such severe uncertainty and unpredictability, this can be a game-changer.” The company believes that officials worldwide can use this solution to make smarter decisions, which comes at a time when U.S. Attorney general Barr warned about disproportionate and unnecessary encroachment on civil liberties of those who are at the behest of different governors who are often criticized for being too heavy handed.


The benefits of predictive analytics and the use of Einstein Analytics in a Covid-19 tracker can have many potential uses: Better planning for local governments, staff and logistic forecasting for various businesses as well as emergency services as well as personal planning. The education sector may also benefit substantially from a predictive tool like this. Lucas Ribeiro sounded optimistic, when he said “On the bright side, using the new Covid-19 tracker by riverBI, actually shows the positive impact that the federal governments’ shelter in place order, along with social distancing had, an outcome that could have been more devastating had these measures not been in place at the time.”


Using Einstein Analytics in the way riverBI deployed it, means that a user can rapidly setup a dashboard with drag and drop maps, import external data, experience high reliance on fidelity visuals, easily share the visual representations and remain updated via an easy to use API. The ability to calculate trends with a timeseries and then present that visually makes the data so much easier to interpret for anyone. The time it takes to assemble a new dashboard is literally within minutes, without the need for any technical know-how. Using Einstein or Tableau, means that some of the most dynamic dashboards can be set up in no time, without the need of any design or data professionals. It therefore represents a cost saving and brings maximum efficiency with ample simplicity to users who want to benefit from the technology.

About riverBI: Is a Business Intelligence consultancy and Salesforce Implementation Partner consisting of high-end developers that are multi-skilled across various technologies. It’s latest contribution to innovation was the new Covid-19 tracker. Stay up to date by reading the riverBI company blog here.


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