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COVID-19: Freezing Chinese assets worldwide should be a priority

  • Calls are mounting for China to be held responsible over it’s wreckless (or perhaps calculated) and deceitful actions that has led to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus globally. Wealth confiscation and freezing Chinese assets globally should be on the cards.
  • UPDATE: If the entire world got infected via WUHAN departures, how is it that Beijing and mainland China were literally unaffected? The latest claim by President Trump that China allowed the world to become affected but protected itself – is precisely what we pointed.
  • Western citizens (EU/US) should be on the lookout for politicians who are being bought by China: Those who let China off the hook, are likely to gain from it. Sanctions and asset confiscation need to be implemented swiftly against Beijing.

US Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo used diplomatic language to say that the Chinese communist party denied the world of much needed information that could have prevented the spread of the disease, which is rightly called the WUHAN virus by many. Making reference to a Chinese disinformation campaign, Pompeo noted that “They’re talking about it coming from the U.S. Army and they’re saying maybe it began in Italy, all things to deflect responsibility.”

John Bolton, called for a “black book” that would reveal the grossly erroneous acts by China, echoed by Jeff Sessions who states that it was the deception of China that caused the spread of the Coronavirus.

Is Western Media and The World Health Organization (WHO) going too easy on China?

It appears as if many technology giants who are eager at entering the Chinese market, or afraid of being hacked, are steering clear of criticism against China – and that some sizable advertising deals are in the making. Yet this is a crime against humanity that cannot be covered up and China needs to bear the brunt for it’s actions. The WHO tweeted in January that there was no spreading of COVID-19 across China, relaying information from the government. Yet now it is the WHO who insist on entering people’s homes to track down and test potential asymtomatic spreaders of the disease.

A lack of world order:

If there is one area where COVID-19 draws attention, it is global governance – or the total lack of it. It is precisely the law of the jungle that inspired the communist party in China to act deceitful to the point that the pandemic is now global. The total lack of a world order among nations, is what caused every nation and state to pursue it’s own policies: lax in the case of the UK, where Boris Johnson is the one-eye king leading the blind and extreme in other cases, such as Greece, where people in the most remote parts of the country cannot go to a quiet beach on their own – all the way to India and South Africa, where police brutality and corruption sees the lockdown as a perfect opportunity to obtain more bribes and cause harm to citizens through brutal treatment. All of the above, together with staggering economic losses – are chiefly the responsibility of China.

Statistics not adding up:

It takes no expert to notice the disturbing conclusion: If departures from WUHAN to international destinations dwarf the number of domestic travel departures through a variety of transportation, how is it that Chinese cities have such low CORONA cases compared to NYC, Northern Italy, France, the UK and elsewhere? Here is a live statistics website that shows the number of western countries hit by the Wuhan virus. All are affected to a much greater extent than the largest Chinese cities outside of Wuhan. What is perhaps the most concerning at this point in time – is why are the PRO-China countries less affected? Even the only EU member who provided China with VETO assistance at a European level and sold it’s ports to China, has less than 2000 cases: the same goes for it’s African and Latin American allies where high arrivals are normal. There ought to be a direct correlation between airport arrivals and COVID infections – and this is simply not the case.

Time for sanctions and asset confiscations?

It is now time that western business leaders stop thinking about how they can procure future business with China on favorable terms – and start thinking of the people and economies that suffered. If we are calling this a “war”, well – the Chinese started the war and need to pay reparations to countries around the world. Not merely to one or two strong blocks of countries that can enforce this historic debt.

The time has come to freeze Chinese assets: from the Piraeus port acquisition in Greece all the way through to key British and American assets – including Volvo in Sweden and every other British car manufacturer that was acquired by China.

China cannot be let off the hook – damages are due:

Acting strong against the weak, and weak against the strong, is what the west will resemble if it is letting China off the hook, but acting against smaller players like Iran and the Middle East. Now, all focus needs to be on China. Anything short of sanctions and asset confiscation against China – will indicate that the west is divided in it’s resolve and that business leaders and politicians are pursuing their own agenda to profit from future deals with China. Ahead of the International Court of Justice, countries should move now to confiscate and seize Chinese assets globally. Finally, it is time for Russia and Japan to align with NATO countries – for sanctions against Russia to ease and to turn to a co-ordinated effort to stop China in it’s tracks.

The loss of life that people and their families suffered around the world can never be compensated for financially, yet the world cannot sit back and let China rise after this intentional malice.

Update: More recently, this is what Senator Graham had to say to both democrats and republicans on China:


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