‘Corporate Gifting-Platform’ for GIFT-CARDS, MailboxPower, Rates Higher than PostCardMania’s mission is to create an all-in-one automated-platform that delivers thoughtful, personalized gifts/cards; thus, keeping the phones ringing.

What is MailBox Power?
( )  … Mail Box-Power is an all-in-one platform that automates creating and delivering thoughtful, personalized gifts and cards to clients and prospects in order to keep them happy and their phone ringing. Once one has nailed the demographics of the audience they want in their area, Mailbox Power will build them a list of the exact audience for only 10¢ per qualified lead. No more gambling with their marketing budget. Pay only for qualified leads. No fluff. Let us make your phone ring. We’ll teach you how to use the power of direct mail to generate new customers and nurture your existing ones. Unique Feature:  Targeted List Builder: Mailbox Power Pro & Executive Memberships include access to software that allows you to geo-target new customers with multi-demographic drilling.

“With thousands of people competing for your clients, partners, vendors, and employees attention, I’ve not seen anything like Mailbox Power to be able to execute on the consistency of being more thoughtful.”
John Ruhlin,

Mail-Box-Power is a direct lead generation platform that allows users to target based on demographics. Mailbox Power is a direct lead generation platform that allows one to target based on demographics. Not only can Mailbox Power help one reach all of their qualified leads, but it can also make one’s message seen and OPENED by your audience, with a staggering 90%+ open rate. The secret? Personalized direct mail. Our proven system saves time and makes money. (1) Variable Print on Demand: Save time and impress your recipient with by using our data merge and Image Auto Merge™ features. Personalization takes on a whole new meaning with Mailbox Power!  (2) Personalized Gifts: Whether it’s a laser-engraved phone holder or one of our gourmet treats – You can personalize your gifts for maximum impact! Stay Top of Mind. (3) Integrations: We have a robust contact manager that makes it easy to keep track of your network but If you already have a CRM – chances are you can integrate with Mailbox Power using our API!


Mail-Box-Power has been voted the Industry’s Best Technology for personalized gifts; we all absolutely agree.

– Justin Biggs, CEO & Co-Founder



With the system, one can easily send personalized cards to each name on their qualified list. ——–> [[ firstname ]] is filled in with the first name of each qualified lead on their list automatically. This means that every card will call out each lead in a list personally and will grab anyone’s attention. Mail Box Power premium cards have already been battle-tested in each industry. Personalization at scale. Mailbox Power gives one the control over their targeting. Reach only who they want to reach, then let the offer be seen and heard. Customers can laser focus in on …




Children’s Age

Household Income


Credit Score

Hobbies & Interests

Homeowners / Renters

Opportunity Seekers