Content Marketing Guide: 7 Steps To Scale Up On Site Content Writing

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A lot of research and advisory focuses on business growth in competitive industries. Now every new business wants to make its mark and stand out: Established businesses want to maintain their customer base as well as attract new customers. The entire advertising industry and history of ‘mad men’ originated to meet these needs. However, even an innovative idea is not enough for a business to stand out, due largely to the sheer number of businesses there are worldwide and in the United States. The marketing itself needs to be innovative. 


Suggested resource: This Sitetrail content marketing service stands out as a popular choice among VC’s who are looking to scale up rapidly. 



Given the move towards a digitized economy, a fairly recent type of marketing businesses are increasingly making use of is search engine optimization (SEO) content marketing. This strategy aims at ensuring your business website is, firstly, easy to find, and secondly, easy to use, all through the publishing of content. In other words, the visibility of your website and your website’s traffic should both increase. On site content marketing specifically, is the publishing of content on the business’s actual website. While SEO content marketing is a proven effective marketing strategy, coming up with a constant stream of new and exciting content can be a mammoth task. Luckily there is no need for business owners to undertake such a task on their own. Instead there are several ways that a business can increase its on site content marketing in a convenient and effective manner. 

  • Appoint a Content Marketing Agency

A content marketing agency can take care of content writing and writing blog posts to be posted directly to your business’s website. A top content marketing agency can provide a high volume of on-site content that can grow businesses substantially according to numerous case studies. This content is all based on industry and competitor research that ensures your business keeps up with, and stays ahead of, other market leaders. This research-driven online content is one of the best ways to attract and engage with customers. Sitetrail has a large team of English speaking content writers that can research and write on various topics including legal, technical and medical topics. 

Sitetrail’s content marketing services are significantly more affordable than other on site SEO content marketing agencies. In New York, for example, top PR agencies generally charge around $7 500 for 40 000 words worth of content. 

What about setup fees?

Some agencies do a lot of research upfront and bill you for it, others do this on the go as the project unfolds – and factor it in on a monthly basis. They also do not charge any setup fees. Sitetrail operates in the space of competitive prices for superior quality and reliable content writing. Furthermore, this agency recognizes that businesses have flexible needs. For this reason there are no annual contracts that tie you in. Services are provided on a month to month basis and can be cancelled at any time. However, once you see the traffic growth on your website you will probably want to keep the service going long term. This is especially so since the return on investment over twelve months can be as high as a factor of ten, which goes up significantly to a factor of thirty-five over sixty months. 

  • Hire a Website Content Writer

You may want to have an in-house employee or employees writing content for your business’s website. This allows you to have more control and oversight over the process. However, hiring a content writer will probably not be enough. You will likely also need a marketer, designer and editor. For larger companies this may not be a problem, but for smaller businesses and especially those starting out, these costs can stack up very quickly. A content marketing agency can perform all of these services and provide the same extent and quality of content for a much more reasonable price. How you decide to proceed will depend on what is more important to your business and what your business can afford. Job search engines will show you examples of job titles and we advise looking at the best free job posting sites for opportunities to post your job.

  • Set Firm Guidelines

Whether you choose to outsource your content marketing needs, or take care of them internally, it will be important to set out certain guidelines. This will keep all content consistent and ensure quality is maintained. These guidelines should include basic formatting and editing rules relating to font type and size, as well as directions on tone. Should the content be formal or more laid back? The rules related to the on site content will be determined by your marketing strategy. 

  • Have a Clear Plan

Content writing is person based rather than company based. It is aimed at existing and potential customers. Knowing who these customers are and what they want will therefore be important for whoever is providing content. Knowing what the goal of your marketing is will also help to structure the content and make it as efficient as possible. 

  • Monitor Content Consistently

Business owners should make sure that, firstly, deadlines are being met, and secondly, that the quality of the content being published on the business website is of a consistently high standard. There should therefore be systems in place to monitor this. A content marketing agency will take care of the monitoring for you. Sitetrial engages in a monthly audit to ensure added SEO visibility. However, as the business owner you need to make sure that all content is up to your standards. Checking your Google search console to see what new searches are triggered (for specific keywords) is a must do. You can also use AHRefs and SEMRush. 

  • Be Flexible

Industry trends change. The research aspect of content writing should ensure that content marketing stays up to date with these trends. This may mean that marketing strategies may need to change and content writing needs to be adaptable to that. Industry trends are also sometimes circular. A good content writing strategy and content writer should therefore know how to adapt existing material and apply it in a new and exciting way. 

  • Be Consistent

To keep scaling up and growing referral traffic, content needs to be published on an ongoing and regular basis to stay relevant and on trend. A content marketing agency will ensure this is taken care of as there is a minimum word requirement for each month. If you choose to take care of content writing in house, it is worthwhile establishing targets and maintaining a publishing calendar. This will allow you to post new content on a regular basis, keeping customers engaged and attracting new customers.  


Final Thoughts

Increasingly, academic research highlights the importance of content marketing for inbound marketing. There is a well known joke that the best hiding place is page two of Google. To businesses, this is really more of a threat than a joke. To make sure that you attract customers, it is important to make sure you are as high up on an online search as possible. Discovering the best press release services for your industry is another priority to slot in while taking care of an overall digital marketing plan.  SEO content writing is one of the best ways to ensure this with proven results. Whether business owners choose to do this in house or outsource to a content marketing agency, having a clear plan that is both consistent and flexible will help enhance the content on your website and your business’s success overall.  


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