Commodity Fumigation Service Market Size, Trends, Growth, Top Key Players & Forecast to 2030

Commodity Fumigation Service Market

Global Commodity Fumigation Service Market is projected to rise at a significant rate expanding at a considerable CAGR over the forecast period of 2022-2030.

Fumigation products are used to treat pests that usually infest harvested commodities, that includes bulk grains and greenhouse insects. Fumigants are usually quick-acting and they result in the total eradication of the pests.

Fumigations is also considered as the best choice for controlling heavy infestation of insects that includes cockroaches and rodents. Also, these are useful to avoid toxic residues that are associated with application of other pesticide formulation to food, clothing, and other similar materials.

Fumigation techniques are widely adopted and also have great adaptability in pest control. Fumigants are basically gases that gets diffuse through all parts of structure or commodity which is being treated and can reach pests that mainly could not be reached with conventional pest control methods.

Also, these are used to control wood-destroying insects in structures and furniture. This has also boosted the market growth over the forecast period.

Global Commodity Fumigation Service Market: Overview
The global Commodity Fumigation Service Market valued at US $22.83 Billion in 2022 is to reach a value of US $22.83 Billion in 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.4%.
Advancing economic activities, augmenting population, and the effects of insects, coupled with intolerance for pests, are fuelling the market growth.
Climate change is serving as a major catalyst for the hike in command for pest control services across the globe.
According to a statement by the World Health Organization, using recently predicted values for warmer temperatures, Goulson and colleagues estimated a potential increase in fly populations of 244% by 2080, compared with current levels. If it is to be true concomitant gains in fly-borne diseases would be expected.
In order to avoid the worst scenario, consumers in the market are expected to be more inclined towards pest control services, along with precautionary measures to avoid the potential damage.
Increasing focus on the usage of biocides is also acting as a major factor for market growth. These are increasingly being used to replace traditional pesticides as they are more environmentally friendly.
For instance, Rentokil has registered CO2 for use in the control of rodents under EU biocidal regulations. The company is continuing to work in the areas of insect and rodent control.

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Key Market Trends of the Market

Every market has its growth determinant and challenges. One of the major factor that has fuelled the market growth is rising concern over economic loss which is caused because of pest infection. This has resulted the market to grow, as the pest control techniques have disrupted the economic balance.

Additionally, the rise in residential areas and the rise in population of insects, such as cockroaches and rodents that cause damage to the electric wires, walls, and construction are also expected to boost the market growth.

On the flip side, the strict legal restrictions that concerns the use of fumigation acts as a restrain to the market growth over the forecast period. This is because of the strict rules and regulations formulated by the government.

Impact of COVID 19 on the market

The pandemic had a negative impact on the market. The pandemic caused an increased consciousness of people towards health. With the disruption in the supply chain of fumigation product, the market saw a downfall during the pandemic years. But, the market has shown a substantial progress during the forecast period.

Segmental analysis of the Market

Based on form

  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Gas

Based on treatment method

  • Methyl Bromine
  • Aluminium Phosphide
  • Magnesium Phosphide
  • Others

Based on application

  • Residential
  • Agricultural
  • Warehouse
  • Others

Based on region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle east and Africa

Competitive Landscape

Some of the prominent companies of the market are

  • Rentokil Initial
  • Fumigation Service and Supply
  • Western Fumigation
  • Industrial Fumigant Company
  • Anticimex
  • Degesch America
  • Ecolab
  • DA Exterminating
  • Fumigation Services
  • Arrow Exterminators

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