Coinhako – Digital Wallet Solution based in Singapore

In countries like Singapore and Vietnam, where the e-commerce scene is booming, easy access to goods and services is crucial for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the region. Renowned for its simple user interface and experience, Coinhako provides one of the best solutions for users in Asia to access Bitcoin and a wide range of cryptocurrencies 

Coinhako provides digital wallet services to users ‘on-the-go’ on a user-friendly platform that serve the needs of professional traders as well as beginners to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. 

Coinhako’s main services 

Coinhako has provided access to Bitcoin and digital wallet services for Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, since as early as 2014.

To put this into perspective, the cryptocurrency industry only came to be with the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009; One could consider Coinhako as one of Singapore’s very own ‘Bitcoin incumbent’ companies.

As a platform, Coinhako is well known across Asia for its simple user interface and experience, where Coinhako users can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies through the platforms’s exchange services, and manage their cryptocurrency transactions via a highly secured online wallet in a hassle free manner.

Coinhako charges a flat 1% trading fee on cryptocurrency trades, 0 fees for depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrencies – you will only incur fees that are paid to the blockchain and not the platform – and provide users with real-time cryptocurrency prices.

Coinhako also has a mobile app that is available for both Android and IOS devices, which further adds to the platform’s convenience. Through the app, users can even manage their Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with the in-built voice assistance feature. The mobile app has well- planned and interactive designs which is part of the reason why thousands of regional customers have chosen Coinhako as their go-to cryptocurrency platform for their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading needs. 

Speed, convenience and the professional security of Coinhako’s digital wallet services are also factors that play into the platform’s reputation with the crypto enthusiasts. 

Coinhako has pulled out all the stops to provide users with the best security practices in the industry for cryptocurrency trading, putting industry best mandatory two-factor authentication for all user accounts, and holding at least 99% of funds offline in cold-storage at any point in time. Despite all these, speed is absolutely not compromised and funds can be quickly withdrawn from a user’s Coinhako wallet.

Coinhako is also highly popular amongst cryptocurrency beginners as it reduces the friction of starting with Bitcoion and cryptocurrencies for many, with a minimum trade size of only S$30. 

Coinhako’s roots in Singapore 

Coinhako was founded in Singapore in 2014 by industry experts Yusho Liu and Gerry Eng. They specifically rooted Coinhako in Singapore to provide access to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the mass market in Asia. Since then, Coinhako has provided more than 200,000 users with digital wallet services that range from buying and selling products and services using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, to making fast deposits, transfers and payments by exchanging local currencies for cryptocurrencies in minutes. Coinhako is endorsed by local and global investors like Terrence Yang from Yang Ventures, Josh Jones, co-founder of DreamHost, and well-established venture capitalists such as Boost VC. 

Try your hand at cryptocurrency trading 

As a facilitator of convenient and seamless online cryptocurrency trading, Coinhako has successfully emerged as one of most established cryptocurrency platforms and digital wallet services from Singapore. Coinhako is available on the Web, IOS and Android. It is very quick and easy to get started on cryptocurrency trading, and only requires a small amount. 

For more information in Coinhako, visit their website, contact them at +6591768511, or send an email to

Start trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a wide range of cryptocurrencies in Southeast Asia today with a leading digital wallet service provider Coinhako.