Cody Patrick from Organic Music Marketing shares insight on what it takes to become a global brand in music marketing.

The Atlanta-based PR and marketing company, Organic Music Marketing (OMM) has in recent years been named as one of the top ten PR companies for music artists in the world. Founder and owner of OMM, Cody Patrick has shared some of the hardships it takes to operate an influential brand and work with some of the industry’s most famous artists.

Cody has been working the ropes of the music industry for 15 years and has used his experience and knowledge of business administration to build a digital marketing / PR company that is quickly becoming a household name in the industry. Although many record labels will use in-house PR and marketing teams to build hype around a new artist or their latest album, Cody tells us what it takes to start from nothing and rise to the top.

How did you start in the industry, and what gave you the leap to start your own company?

To be honest, I have never really been someone to sing, rap, produce or make music myself, I’ve always been more interested in the actual business of the music industry. Since I was 16-years old (managing some of my close friends that started making music), I’ve worked towards building a successful career, and although it has taken a lot of time, patience, and hard work, my dream has become a reality as the founder or Organic Music Marketing.

Why did you decide on music marketing?

After encountering some very disappointing PR and promotions companies I decided that I should do my own thing. Build my network, find artists, and have a consistent brand. Staying on track with what I initially set out to do isn’t always easy, but keeping my promises and delivering equitable results is what the music industry needs. I knew I could fill a void for indie artists. I am able to provide indie artists with record label style marketing without them having to sign to a major record label. 

What is the core of Organic Music Marketing?

We work in collaboration with various artists, from any walk of life, genre, and within any budget depending on the artists’ content and motivation. Currently, we offer PR solutions, digital advertising, social media influencer marketing, playlist pitching, web design, graphic design, and YouTube advertising to name a few.

What’s the most difficult part of your job?

There’s a lot of things, but probably ensuring our PR plans and marketing strategies have justifiable results for the artists, their budget, and their music.

Can you share any pro tips for newcomers in the industry?

Timing, consistency, and sticking to what you promise to do are key elements for anyone, not just in the music industry, but across the board. Oh, and definitely doing my best to provide artists with a return on their investment from their marketing dollars. 

How do you land your first big PR campaign?

Networking helps a lot, speaking to people, working with artists in any shape or form, you should know what is happening in the industry and be on track with the latest music trends. Everything is much easier today with social media and the internet but being present at shows and talking to the people will help you a lot more.

What is it like working with some of the most famous music artists in the industry?

Working with such talented people has taught me to always be on track with what they’re working on, whether it be a new song, album, or music video. Being present in their career and helping them grow and build a global fan base is what is so exciting. The music is their work, so being respectful of it, and ensuring it gets the recognition it deserves is what pushes me.

Are there any other companies or PR labels that you have worked with in the past?

I have done my rounds in the industry for some time, but recently I joined the team for A&R at Asylum Records and in the past, I collaborated with Atlanta-based visual production company, Resolve Media Group, one of the biggest media groups in the area. Working with both of these companies has given me experience that you cannot get anywhere else. 

Do you think that working with big named artists has helped establish your company?

Yes, it has, but it wouldn’t have happened in the first place if I didn’t put in the effort and time and pursued my dream. Having a goal and making sure it is attainable will keep you on track.

Who are some of the artists that have made a mark on your journey in music marketing?

All of them, without a doubt, every artist I have met and engaged with are talented and unique in their way. Recently, Hero The Band, Lil Bird, and Austin Awake have impressed me with how much they have grown over the last few years.

Where can interested parties get in touch?

Anyone seeking further information can visit his website or follow him on Instagram

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