Coda (a Gospel) Offers Spiritual Solutions to the Growing Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is becoming an increasingly important topic for national and global leaders. The US Department of State, when addressing the climate crisis, stated that, “Bold action to tackle the climate crisis is more urgent than ever. The record-breaking heat, floods, storms, drought, and wildfires devastating communities around the world underscore the grave risks we already face.” This statement comes at a time where increasing global temperatures are causing sea levels to rise, and many homes along the U.S. East Coast’s historic Tangier Island are in peril. Similarly, the US National Integrated Drought Information System has further announced that as of April 2022, “48.01% of the U.S. and 57.30% of the lower 48 states are in drought.” This is an alarming statistic that encapsulates the broader crisis of climate change that threatens the global environment. 

The topic of climate change, and the broader climate crisis, has been subject to tremendous discourse. This course has divided nations, rather than unified them in the effort to fight against the climate crisis.  Many individuals across the world have approached climate change through the lens of religion and spirituality. This has further heightened confusion, as citizens seek to locate a source for guidance. Dane Alexander, the creator of Coda (a Gospel) has attempted to broach the subjects of climate crisis and humanity’s impending struggle for life, and highlight the truths that he believes he has been divinely selected to tell the global community about. He has done this by cross-referencing the bible and reframing the gospel. Alexander explains that the work is not of his own, but that he is merely a messenger. 

News on the Climate Crisis

The IPCC, or the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has recently released a report, titled ‘Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change.’ This report from the United Nations’ intergovernmental body outlines that the period of 2010-2019 showcased average annual emissions higher than ever before. The report has a palpable tone of frustration, as it illustrates the lack of commitment from governments and prominent corporations on reversing and rectifying climate change. In addition to this, notable members of the UN have come forward to address the report and the global climate crisis – arguing that it is of unequivocal importance for corporations and governments to drastically alter their environmental habits. The consequence of not doing so, as outlined in the report, is the potential for a world that is inhospitable.

The report hones in on the utilization of fossil fuels across multiple industries. Several corporations that rely on fossil fuels for profit have been obstinate in amending their practices and working towards renewable energy. Moreover, scientists have made it profoundly obvious that the global economy has the means and technology to promptly switch to renewable energy and practices. Many global corporations have placed a timeline on their switch to renewable energies and practices, but these often extend more than a decade away. However, researchers are highlighting that the climate crisis needs to be addressed immediately, despite its ramifications for profit and revenue. 

In other news relating to the climate crisis, German researchers have found that ‘extremely active Atlantic hurricane seasons’ are now double as likely to occur as a result of global warming. In addition, storms are likely to be larger than ever before, and have the capacity to severely harm coastlines and coastline property. The researchers have been tracking hurricane seasons since 1982, where a stark increase has occurred in recent years. This news is positioned within a period where global politicians are defending the utilization of fossil fuels, and corroborating with energy corporations. Recently, Extinction Rebellion protesters forced the insurance market Lloyd’s of London to close its doors, by using multiple adhesives and barricades. This protest coincides with Boris Johnson’s support of a new energy security strategy, that UK citizens believe will not help immediately reduce emissions are energy consumption, and only increase costs to citizens. 

Of even more concern is the rapid rising of temperatures in arctic regions. Siberia has become an area of scientific scrutiny, after 2020 saw its permafrost thawing. The permafrost is suspected to have thawed as a result of an increase in temperature of 11 degrees fahrenheit. This is especially worrying to the global community and the environment at large, as the Siberian land has the potential to release a deadly amount of methane. This gas, unlike more topical gasses like carbon dioxide, has a far greater warming potential. A significant number of craters have appeared in the Siberian tundra, and this is as a result of explosive gasses bursting through the layers of permafrost that rest above. Environmental scientists have concluded that these craters have been solely formed due to increased temperatures. 

Coda (a Gospel)

Dane Alexander has announced that his work with Coda comes at a time where humanity is reaching the Sixth Mass Planetary Extinction, also known as the Holocene Extinction. This mass planetary extinction is presumed to occur as a result of human related activities. 

Coda is a document that reworks not only Christian teaching, but spiritual teachings alike. Alexander states that, “the Christian Bible was never mandated by God, but created strictly as a military whip for Constantine in 325 A.D. to keep his empire in order.” With Coda, Alexander hopes to reimagine and recapture Christian ideologies, where an emphasis is placed on scientific research into the climate crisis. Alexander further adds that, “Coda teaches the way to save oneself and loved ones, while bringing this planet back into its intended state of Eden.”

Coda provides an interesting outlook on the broader discourse on religion in conjunction with science, and the climate crisis. Alexander argues that Coda touches on, “300 contradictions, 150 lies, both interspersed with over 700 inconsistencies in the bible.” By illuminating these inconsistencies, Coda aims to aid humanity in finding a resolution with the climate crisis. In addition to this, Coda claims that its teachings can help readers ‘spiritually advance.’ The work is not to be read solely for its information on the climate crisis, but for its relevance in a world where spirituality and religion is ever present. Furthermore, Alexander states that the message is not from him, but from God.

Alexander announces, within Coda and on the Coda website, that he has verifiable proof. One proof that he has made public is an image of a white light that extends over 95 feet. This image, which he has titled ‘Aura Photos,’ is represented alongside Alexander’s assertion that it is, “tangible evidence of its holy messages, power, and truth.”

Finally, Alexander simply states that he has been, “divinely selected to bring forth these critical and probable messages at this time in Man’s history.” He expands on this by stating that he is a member of a society, with its earliest members being Moses, King Solomon, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Final Thoughts

The climate crisis is of grave concern to many people, as well as scientists in relevant fields. The IPCC report has reaffirmed the importance of global leaders and corporations adjusting their industrial habits and their utilization of fossil fuels. Whilst climate crisis and climate change are topics that have permeated media in recent years, many people are still conflicted in their opinions of it. Many have either turned to, or confided in, their religion as a means of seeking solace or information against climate change. Dane Alexander, with Coda (a Gospel) hopes to illuminate religious masses through his work, and allow the global community to address the climate crisis and their own spirituality.