Coagulans Market Is Expected To Register A CAGR Of 7.6% In Terms Of Volume By 2028

Sales of bacillus coagulans have witnessed a sheer proliferation in the recent past in line with rising consumer preference for probiotic diet and growing digestive disorders. The bacillus coagulans market is expected to witness sales surpassing 41 thousand tons by 2019, as per the latest research study by Fact.MR.

Interest in probiotic fortified functional foods and beverages continues to grow across countries. Exhibiting the characteristics of both lactobacillus and bacillus genera, bacillus coagulans have recently attracted the attention of food manufacturers and researchers. A large number of studies are being conducted on the low-cost microbial production of bacillus coagulans for use in the food industry.

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This newly published insightful report provides information on Bacillus Coagulans Market Insights, key dynamics, impact on the entire value chain from suppliers to end users, and growth of the Bacillus Coagulans Market  .

Bacillus coagulant sales have witnessed a sharp rise in recent years, driven by growing consumer preference for probiotic diets and growing digestive disorders. According to the latest research study by Fact.MR, the Bacillus coagulant market is expected to register more than 41,000 tonnes in revenue by 2019.

APEJ Retains Dramatic Position in Greater China Market To Witness Higher Growth Rate

According to the Fact.MR report, APEJ is expected to maintain a strong position in the bacillus coagulant market with sales exceeding 15,000 tonnes in 2019. Demand in China continues to grow at a rapid pace. The approval of Bacillus coagulants for use as food and beverage fortification ingredients in the Asian market is driving the demand for Bacillus coagulants.

Greater China’s major consumer groups, including a growing population over the age of 60 and families with children, focus on fortified food intake and improving digestive health. The approval of coagulocytes on the list of bacteria used in food in China is increasing the use of coagulants in functional foods as well as baby foods.

Bacillus coagulant producers in developed regions including North America and Europe are pursuing new distribution partnerships to increase product availability in Asia. According to the report, major players in the North American Bacillus Coagulant market are entering into strategic alliances to bring new patent innovations in the food and beverage industry in the region.

New food and beverage production for children is outpacing the overall market. Food and beverage companies around the world are innovating new product lines, including probiotic ingredients and supplements in foods for infants and growing children. Probiotic chocolate, milk and juice fortified with probiotics such as Bacillus coagulant are some of the healthful products that support immune and digestive health.

The Fact.MR report provides key insights into the growth potential of Coagulocytes over the forecast period 2018-2028. According to the report, the Bacillus Coagulants market is expected to register a CAGR of 7.6% in terms of volume between 2018 and 2028.

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