Xenophobic Oligarch Clique at CMA2024 Claregyle: Disconnect with Contemporary Artist Claude Edwin Theriault

Title: Xenophobic Oligarch Clique at CMA2024 Claregyle: Disconnect with Contemporary Artist Claude Edwin Theriault

Xenophobic Oligarch Clique at CMA2024 Claregyle: Disconnect with Contemporary Artist Claude Edwin Theriault.

Title: Xenophobic Oligarch Clique at CMA2024 Claregyle: Disconnect with Contemporary Artist Claude Edwin Theriault
Title: Xenophobic Oligarch Clique at CMA2024 Claregyle: Disconnect with Contemporary Artist Claude Edwin Theriault

 A Missed Opportunity for Collaboration

In the vibrant world of art and culture, collaboration can bring fresh perspectives, innovation, and a broader sense of community. However, the artistic community suffers when the doors of cooperation remain locked due to a self-serving oligarchic mentality. Contemporary artist Claude Edwin Theriault of MBF-Lifestyle has found himself at the crossroads of artistic ambition and bureaucratic indifference as he attempts to connect and work together with the xenophobic oligarch clique of the executive committee of the Summer festival event to not miss in Atlantic Canada this coming summer.

Trevor Murphy: The Silent Communicator

Trevor Murphy, the publicist and deputy of communications for CMA2024 Claregyle and Man About Town, should be the Communications bridge connecting artists’ aspirations with the event’s goals. However, despite his title, Murphy’s communication skills appear as absent as his willingness to engage with artists. Despite multiple attempts from Claude Edwin Theriault to initiate a connection and collaboration, his emails have gone unanswered. It’s perplexing how someone in such a position of communication responsibility can display such a lack of basic courtesy and professional ethics. Endemic in the socio-political scene in the Fourth Turning winter cycle the world is in. French Acadian dynamics with La Gang are just a microcosm of the world experience in disaccord and the need to come together.

 Marcel Aymar: The Elusive Programmer


Marcel Aymar, entrusted with programming responsibilities at CMA2024 Claregyle, wields significant influence over the event’s artistic direction. Yet, his silence is deafening when faced with a proposal for a joint exhibition between Claude Edwin Theriault and Nadine Belliveau. The request to host a show on the opening day of August 10th at the Université Ste Anne’s Gustave Blanche building has fallen on unresponsive ears. Such disregard for potential collaborations speaks volumes about the lack of openness and inclusivity within the event’s leadership.

 An Elitist Clique in Control

With access to a substantial 7.3 million dollars of provincial and federal funding, La Gang seems to have been overtaken by a clique of individuals driven by self-interest rather than the advancement of arts and culture. This elitist mentality, which prioritizes personal gain over community involvement, echoes a disturbing trend we’re witnessing in various sectors of society. The same disregard for ethics, morals, and values observed in certain government circles appears to have permeated the Executive Committee du Jour. An issue discussed at the Fecane meeting , in July 2023 at Universite Ste Anne in Church Point Rendez vous building.

Claude Edwin Theriault’s Skills and Vision: Ignored Expertise

Claude Edwin Theriault’s frustration stems from his undeniable skills in social media management and press release writing not being put to use to make the South Western Nova Scotia Summer Festival event the must-attend event due to the Cultural utility value it will bring into the lives of the attendees coming from the four corners of the world.. With a self-curated Google news feed and world-class press release capabilities, Theriault has the potential to catapult CMA2024 Claregyle’s presence to the forefront of significant events. His expertise could easily place the Congrès Mondial Acadien event on the first page of Google’s top festival events to attend in 2024. Unfortunately, the leadership prefers their misguided judgment over someone with the skills to amplify the event’s reach and influence.

A Call for Change and Transparency for Change


It’s disheartening to witness a disconnect between an organization with potential and the artists who strive to contribute meaningfully. The story of Claude Edwin Theriault’s attempts to collaborate with La Gang reveals a glaring issue within the event’s leadership—a lack of willingness to engage with artists who could genuinely enhance the event’s impact.

As the event’s executive committee enjoys their titles and generous paychecks, reflecting on their responsibility to the artistic community and the broader public is crucial. Transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration are the cornerstones of fostering a thriving artistic and cultural landscape. It’s high time that those in positions of power reevaluate their priorities and embrace a more open and collaborative approach.

Xenophobic Oligarch Clique at CMA2024  sad Disconnect with Contemporary Artist Claude Edwin Theriault


In conclusion, the tale of Claude Edwin Theriault’s attempts to connect with the Claregyle executive committee paints a concerning picture of an elitist clique that values its interests over the potential for genuine collaboration and progress. The lessons learned from this experience serve as a reminder that no organization, regardless of its funding or influence, is exempt from the need for transparency, accountability, and respect for the very artists who form its essence. A regrouping of Clans and the clics that make up its Tartan Fabric weave.