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ClickBuzz- The new influencer marketing platform taking the industry by storm

The platform promises to help you grow your brand successfully, extend your fanbase and develop your social media footprint.


 The exciting new influencer marketing platform ClickBuzz is set to launch soon. ClickBuzz organizes social media growth events and enables influencers to sell/buy or trade shoutouts with fellow influencers. It’s the perfect way to help you build a profitable Social Media profile with extensive followers who have the potential to become loyal supporters of your brand.

So, what does the platform actually do?

Clickbuzz Events are one of the most efficient ways of building your social media presence. Clickbuzz Influencers provide their followers with numerous incentives for following the accounts of those who join the event. It’s an exclusive Influencer Event which is committed to real social growth. You have the chance to get your profile made visible to up to 15M followers for less than the average cost of one shoutout on other platforms, and have the guarantee of at least 10,000 new followers.

Who benefits from the platform?

Anyone who wants to grow their online presence by getting more followers will find Clickbuzz to be the perfect solution. The process of building a brand successfully tends to take time and commitment. However, in order to really grow your business, you need people to know who you are. This is where ClickBuzz  makes your life so much easier by getting popular influencers to refer their followers to your profile. Et voila! People know who you are and can follow your account. Instantly, your profile becomes visible, gets attention, and you have followers that are ready to engage with your content.

Why pay for a Clickbuzz event instead of using other platforms?

The answer is simple. ClickBuzz is the only influencer marketing platform that assures you a minimum number of followers. Should this assurance not be met, you will be entitled to a free ClickBuzz Event until you finally get those guaranteed followers.

The platform believes in quality over quantity:  Clickbuzz Events cater to a very specific niche and the quality of the participating followers are exceptional. This means that they have a much bigger chance of staying engaged with your account. These engaged followers give you an edge as they ensure much higher conversion rates by joining your premium accounts or purchasing products from your website.

The price is pretty reasonable for what you are getting. A good shoutout from a well-liked influencer has the potential to cost you from $750 to $2000 with no guarantee that you’ll get the following you were expecting. ClickBuzz has one low cost that includes you in an event where numerous high-profile influencers point their followers in your account’s direction. The follower’s are given a cash incentive to join the event and follow your account and other influencers accounts on the ClickBuzz instagram page. Meaning that there are no losers in this deal!

Other popular social media platforms, such as, offer you the choice to buy and sell shoutouts – however, this is limited to one chosen influencer. You can pay for each individual shoutout, but this takes time and money. ClickBuzz simplifies this process and makes sure you have access to many relevant top influencers in one event.

 This is exactly how it works:

Clickbuzz’s popular influencers will direct their devoted followers to visit the ClickBuzz page and follow everyone who they follow. They do this as they are then automatically eligible to win $5000.00. They stand a chance to win some great money and you are guaranteed a minimum of 10,000 followers. It’s a win-win situation! The events run every two weeks and the drawing date is posted well in advance. The events last for three to five days and are plainly advertised on the Event Page and in all Event Media.

 I want in. How do I get involved?

The event costs $850 and includes the assurance of at least 10,000 new followers or you are automatically included in the next event at no cost to yourself. Participation in the event is limited to 100 models so time is of the essence.

 If you want more information, head to

This content was produced in collaboration with ClickBuzz

Mariliana Fotopoulou

Marilianna has an MSc in Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy from the University of Leeds, UK. She has a special interest in fast-moving industries and big data, but also writes about the digital entertainment industry in her spare time.
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