Children’s fashion brand Little Luxury Closet stands against bullying

We are always taught to be kind to each other and understanding, because we never know what goes on in people’s lives. However, bullying is still a common global issue that many children face from a young age.

With the current generation of having access online, it’s become even harder to tackle bullying. But Little Luxury Closet wants to take a stand against bullying, with a few campaigns in mind.

The online brand is known for selling bold, stylish and of course, fashionable clothes for children and babies. Celebrities such as rapper Lil Baby, television personality Toya Wright and R&B artist Queen Naija love shopping from this brand for their children.

 Why Little Luxury Closet wants to fight against bullying

According to research carried out by the StopBullying campaign, around 20% of students from the age 12 and above face bullying in the U.S. Those that bully them tend to have a high social influence and are able to influence other people’s perception about the victim.

Bullying can be both physical and cyber, and 19% of students are bullied on school property, whereas 15% are bullied online or by text. Even though 46% of the students in schools notify adults about bullying, it’s still a recurring issue that can affect children if they don’t get help.

The founder of the luxury fashion brand Paulette Sharov explained that, “Bullying shouldn’t be handled lightly and most children don’t get the help that they need or actions are overlooked because people may not understand the heavy toll that bullying has on children.”

Bullying can actually lead to children feeling isolated, neglected and excluded which can possibly lead to suicidal thoughts. “It is a complex subject to discuss because not every case is the same, but there are links to suicide and self harm which is something that can be eradicated if we just make changes.” Paulette says.

The changes that Little Luxury Closet wants to make

The online store is currently working on projects that include campaigns against bullying. “We want to get our message across and we want it to be loud and clear so that people can listen and help make that change.” Paulette says.

Mental health well-being is now considered to be just as important as physical health, giving that society is now more open minded and willing to express their feelings. However, children can be influenced by negative behaviours from a young age or are affected from their home environments, which is what results in bullying another person.

Little Luxury Closet is looking to join anti-bullying charities in order to help children speak up about any domestic issues they may be facing that could possibly affect the negative behaviour they project on others. Even though no campaigns have been set yet, Paulette is currently in discussion with charities for the new year ahead.

The children’s fashion brand is looking to do physical campaigns, but they’re also focusing on viral online campaigns because social media is now considered to be the new normality and nearly everyone has a digital persona that they focus on being. 

“Social media is now considered to be a powerful tool and I want to use that in order to help make a positive difference.” Paulette says.

The online fashion retailer became popular through the power of social media and has over 60,000 followers on instagram. Little Luxury Closet has a global fan base and delivers their trendy clothes worldwide.

More about Little Luxury Closet

Little Luxury Closet is a brand that started in April 2020 and focuses on making outfits tailored for children and babies. It grew popular rapidly online after a few celebrity babies were pictured wearing the now famous “Moonshine jacket”, causing the business to have their items sold out in minutes.

The founder Paulette Sharov will eventually open a physical store for the brand, however, given the current circumstances with the pandemic there isn’t certainty as to when that will happen. “For now I am focusing on the online store and want to use the current reputation it has to help eradicate cyber and physical bullying that still unfortunately exists.” she says.