ChatGPT Application: WIMI Hologram Cloud Combines the Digital Humans Tech With AIGC

Recently, the father of GPT, ILiya, OpenAI, conducted an in-depth interview and answered a wide range of content, including AI awareness, open source and closed source AI, the commercialization of OpenAI, the development, and future of AI research, and so on.

According to industry insiders, OpenAI is committed to developing AI for the benefit of all mankind, bringing the large language model GPT-3,4 and its public-oriented product ChatGPT. Since November, few product launches have generated as much excitement as the ChatGPT.


The Tech Entrepreneurs Started To Layout

ChatGPT From scratch overturned the world, ChatGPT has great revolutionary significance, OpenAI’s AI innovation and breakthrough contribution to the world impact is immeasurable. Now, “we are in the ‘iPhone moment’ of AI”, “2023 is expected to be the most exciting year in the AI field”, “we are embracing a new round of technological revolution” and other voices.

More powerful than these arguments is that, including Google (GOOG), Baidu (BIDU), Alibaba (BABA), Amazon (AMZN), and many other technology giants have laid out the generative AI (AIGC) tools represented by ChatGPT. The founder of Facebook (META) has also publicly stated that he will do his best to embrace the AI model ChatGPT and generative AI are essentially some applications based on the AI model.


The Wave Of AI Is Coming

Generated AI may trigger a new round of technological innovation. In the future, generative AI may become a new entrance or operating system, so that the “AI +” model can be widely applied in all walks of life to innovate the traditional business model. For this reason, generative AI is likely to become a software interface or underlying operating system for all industries to access AI in the future, realizing the deep integration of AI technology and business.

It is worth mentioning that although the industry is still in the early stage of the development of AI large models, and well-known technology giants also flock to launch relevant large models, in the long run, many industry insiders believe that large models deep in the industry and vertical field will have more development potential. Just as with the arrival of the wave of AIGC, the combination of digital people and large AI language models like ChatGPT is imperative, which will lead digital people into a new era.

WIMI Hologram Cloud expands the imagination space of AIGC + digital humans

It is understood that with the continuous iteration and development of digital human technology, more and more enterprises gradually realize that for a technology to be widely applied to all walks of life, lowering the threshold and being inclusive is the only way. Based on this, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), the world’s leading AI solution provider, has developed a data-driven virtual digital human-building technology for the general public.

According to the public information, the technology is to quickly collect and process the action data of real people, generate action data sets, and use machine learning algorithms for model training and optimization, to generate a virtual digital human model with high fidelity, so as to provide low-cost and efficient solutions.

It is reported that the key to the data-driven virtual digital human construction technology of WIMI Hologram Cloud research is to collect data to obtain information about real human characteristics, forms, and movements. Data collection equipment includes a 3D scanner, camera, motion capture system, etc., which can collect the real human body through multiple angles, and record its form and action information. In addition, its digital person has an intelligent question-and-answer function, which can have real-time interaction and communication with the audience, improve the flexibility, functionality, and authenticity of the digital person, and enhance the audience’s sense of experience.

Based on this, the WIMI Hologram Cloud team developed a product application that quickly generates the image of digital people with the help of AI technology. As the link technology of artificial intelligence and the universe, WIMI Hologram Cloud digital people can be widely used in a variety of scenarios. For example, intelligent digital customer service, digital people live broadcast, cultural travel digital people, digital people marketing, etc. can create new impetus and economic growth points. WIMI Hologram Cloud We will continue to build and optimize digital human technology and related services, and provide high-quality and efficient digital person service solutions for the generative AI technology development industry, animation film and television industry, pan-entertainment live broadcasting industry, and e-commerce industry.

To sum up

In recent years, with the continuous development and maturity of digital human technology and AI technology, digital humanities are more and more widely used to provide intelligent services for users. In particular, the IDC report proposes that AI digital people are gradually upgraded under the promotion of AIGC, and AI digital people can be used in entertainment scenes such as carrying goods and live broadcasting, as well as widely used in education, medical care, and other professional fields. In the future, generative AI will gradually penetrate into the B end after breaking the C end. With the support of AIGC, digital people will usher in a new breakthrough window in manufacturing efficiency, use scenarios, multi-modal interaction and analysis, and decision-making. So look forward to that.