Chatbots for YouTube: A new trend in social media management

Youtube and several social media channels have always been important to brands. Now brands and their technology partners figured out a way to have 24/7 staff to manage these channels: chatbots.

The night bot example


Nightbot is a chatbot which is perfect to be used on YouTube or Twitch. Doing so can allow you to automate your lifestream chat by exercising more control. It has some excellent features which can provide you with the ability to better entertain all of your supporters. On this chatbot interface, there is a dashboard which is providing better control over your chat. It is possible to quickly and easily find the top commands as well as the top chatters and many other things. Everything is cloud-hosted and therefore there are no servers, no worries and no downloads are necessary. Nightbot is effectively managed and therefore it is always online and accessible to users. The system is fully customizable. There is nothing wrong with the default settings but different people might want to do different things. Every individual user will be able to enter their own settings. They can also fine-tune the many available features of Nightbot until it looks and sounds just the way the user wants. Nightbot is able to remove a wide variety of spam automatically. This feature is frequently upgraded to ensure that users will not have any problems as far as spam is concerned.

Other useful features


Nightbot has an excellent command system. This makes it possible to provide viewers with vibrant responses to a range of frequently asked questions. It is also possible to share many promotional links on Nightbot. Logs are kept of all chats which makes it possible for people to find those messages which was accidentally deleted or where one or more users had been banned. As far as some request is concerned you can allow your viewers to choose all of their favorite tunes which can then be played on your stream. Songs from Soundcloud and YouTube can be chosen by your viewers. There is also the option to use the available playlists in the event that you have run out of requested songs. There is also the possibility of user rewards. One day you might want to reward one of your lucky viewers by providing them with a gift. One of the interesting features of Nightbot is the giveaways system which can help you to select a winner. When you want to have an occasional chat between songs you can make use of timers and it’s possible to automatically post messages. This can be very helpful if you want a powerful way to promote your social media profile. Nightbot also provides users with the ability to schedule automatic commercials and many other commands can be programmed to run on timers.

Rewarding regular visitors


You might want the opportunity to provide your loyal viewers with additional permissions in a chat. This can be done by exempting them from spam filters and you can also give them access to more commands. Many other things are available such as looking up the current League of Legends ranks. You can also have access to the now playing song on or Spotify. You can also have access to the weather and many other interesting things about travel. Making use of these features can allow you to create dynamic responses to commands and timers. This is done by allowing user input and by querying remote APIs. It is also possible for the owners of websites to integrate that website with Nightbot. All of the relative information is available in the API documentation.

Signing up for Nightbot


Signing up is very easy and quick because it can be done by logging in with YouTube or Twitch. When this is done your new account will be automatically linked to the account which was used to log in. For those who desire to become part of the Nightbot crowd they simply need to click the join channel button which can be found on the Nightbot dashboard. They simply need to follow the on-screen instructions to quickly and easily add Nightbot in their channel. In no time at all Nightbot will be on their channel. It will then be possible to play around with the control panel. Users should also take the opportunity to educate themselves on how Nightbot works by reading the Nightbot documents.

Creating your own YouTube Bot


Working with an existing and proven system can allow a user to get going a lot faster. However, for the more adventurous among us, it is entirely possible to create a customized chatbot which can be integrated with YouTube. For those people, it will be helpful if they are familiar with basic HTML and also JavaScript. It can also help if they know something about ES6 syntax. It will also be necessary to have Node.js installed. People should also understand how an express server works. Furthermore, they should know the basics of navigating the terminal. Once all of these things are in place there is a reasonable chance for a positive outcome. It is now time to find our life broadcast. The next step will be to read the chat messages from that broadcast. Users should now write messages in that live chat. Proceed to YouTube and then initiate a lifestream. You may not want everyone to witness how you are making a fool of yourself. This is why you can go into your lifestream settings and make it unlisted. Do not make the mistake of making it private because then you will not be able to insert messages into the live chat.

Testing the functionality


Before you proceed with JavaScript it is possible to check out the functionality of your app. You do not need any code in order to do this. When looking at the YouTube API documentation there is a console which can be used to test API calls. It will now be necessary to find our live chat. This is done in the following way. On the right section titled Try this API, you will have to enter a few lines of code which will provide you with access to the live broadcast.