Chanel creative director Virginie Viard inspires NFT artwork Collection

Chanel creative director Virginie Viard inspires NFT artwork Collection.

Chanel creative director Virginie Viard inspires NFT artwork Collection.

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Virginie Viard: Inspiring NFT Artwork Collection at MBF-Lifestyle Studio

In the dynamic world of fashion and the motion graphics that go with brand showcases, few names resonate as strongly as Virginie Viard, the creative director of Chanel. With her impeccable taste and innovative designs, Viard has made her mark in the fashion industry and become a muse for contemporary artists. At the MBF-Lifestyle studio,  contemporary artist Claude finds inspiration in Viard’s creative vision, resulting in a captivating NFT artwork collection that pays homage to her influence and artistic legacy out of the gate..

Virginie Viard: A Creative Director Force at Channel Fashion Brand


As the successor to the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, Virginie Viard has seamlessly taken the reins of one of the world’s most iconic La Coco fashion houses.

With her impeccable sense of style and innate understanding of the brand’s heritage, Viard continues to push boundaries while staying true to the essence of the Chanel brand style.

Viard’s ability to infuse classic elegance with contemporary elements has captivated the fashion world. Her designs effortlessly blend sophistication and modernity, allowing women to express their individuality while embracing the timeless aesthetic that Chanel represents. Viard’s creative vision has garnered worldwide praise and admiration from fashion enthusiasts, making her a true Muse of inspiration for artists across various mediums.

Chanel creative director Virginie Viard inspires NFT artwork Collection.

Claude @ MBF-Lifestyle: A Fusion of Fashion inspired Creation in NFT Art Collection

At the MBF-Lifestyle studio, contemporary artist Claude is inspired by Virginie Viard’s creative prowess. Known for his ability to merge different sacred designs in golden ratio overlays of aesthetic beauty and grace art forms and create thought-provoking pieces, Claude uses Viard’s ideology of classic form as a foundation for his NFT artwork collection.

By immersing himself in Viard’s creative universe, Claude aims to capture the essence of her innovative designs and translate them into visually stunning digital NFT creations that reflect the new shift in Contemporary art worldwide. Drawing upon Chanel’s iconic classic style elements, such as elegant silhouettes, Claude infuses his artwork with a blend of symbolism, abstraction, and contemporary motifs.

The NFT Artwork Collection: A Tribute to Viard’s Influence

Contemporary Canadian Queer Visual Artist-Ethereum Virtual Machine
Contemporary Canadian Queer Visual Artist-Ethereum Virtual Machine

The NFT artwork collection inspired by Virginie Viard pays homage to her unique perspective and contribution to the fashion world. Each piece

in the fashion show collection reflects Viard’s ability to create garments that transcend trends and become timeless statements of style.



Through the medium of NFTs, Claude brings the same symbolist vision found in 3D Motion Graphics designs to life in a new and captivating way. The digital nature of NFTs allows for dynamic and interactive elements within the artwork, providing a multi-sensory experience for viewers. The collection showcases the fusion of fashion and art, highlighting the transformative power of creativity and the boundless possibilities of digital expression.

Beyond the Surface: Capturing Viard’s Creative Essence in 3D motion graphics on Opensea

Blockchain crypto and the new Defi asset art class

While Viard’s designs serve as the primary inspiration for the NFT artwork collection, Claude goes beyond the surface and delves into the deep creative essence of what would look great as a brand Logo, from Cologne Pour Homme to intimate apparel. He explores the narratives behind the designs, the emotions they evoke, and their transformative impact on the world art scene.

Through his artwork, Claude aims to encapsulate the spirit of the creative journey, highlighting the human creative spirit through the centuries’ ability to push boundaries and redefine the concept of fashion, art, and now Fintech. The NFT collection becomes a visual representation of the artistic synergy between Viard and Claude, showcasing the convergence of fashion and contemporary art.

 Celebrating Virginie Viard’s Influence on Contemporary artists worldwide

Creative director Virginie Viard inspires NFT Artwork Collection

Virginie Viard’s role as the creative director of Chanel has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Her visionary designs and unwavering commitment to artistic expression have inspired artists across various disciplines. At the MBF-Lifestyle studio, contemporary artist Claude pays homage to Viard’s creative genius through a captivating NFT artwork collection.

By merging the worlds of fashion and digital art, Claude showcases the visual narrative charm of 3D Motion designs’ transformative power and enduring influence on the creative landscape.