Is the depression of teenager’s cannabis related?

CBD is not pot, or cannabis as we know it. This is very well explained, with Doctors backing the use of CBD. Below is some of the latest discussions around the world taking place, which are highly relevant to the industry:

Recently media reports stated that as many as 60,000 cases of depression could be avoided in the UK if only teenagers can be convinced to stay away from cannabis. Dr. Gabriella Gobbi was quoted as saying that there are far too many teenagers that think that cannabis is a plant that does no harm but the reality is that it is important to educate teenagers about the many risks involved and also to teach them more about the types of cannabis which they are using. Extensive studies has been done both at Oxford University and also in Canada which has clearly indicated that teenagers using cannabis before the age of 18 is very likely to develop depression and may also think frequently of suicide. Unfortunately indications are that the widespread use of cannabis among teenagers is unlikely to change in the nearby future and this is why there is an urgent need to educate teenagers about all the risks which exist in relation to cannabis. This study has shown that approximately 60,000 cases of depression in the UK can be linked to cannabis use while the figure for Canada is 25, 00 and for the US around 400,000.

Cannabis, avocado on toast?


So much has been made in recent times about CBD which is one of the substances which can be found in cannabis. This substance has been promoted as something which all users of cannabis should have. Although cannabis has been around for decades, even centuries its legal commercial exploitation is still relatively young, this is why there are now many producers of cannabis who are benefiting from the legalization of cannabis and who are engaging in high-end marketing to increase their profits. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding cannabis and some of its ingredients. This was discovered by UK entrepreneur Johan Obel the owner of the Drug store in London when he was stopped at a Las Vegas airport as he was on his way to Las Vegas to the MJBiiz conference which is one of the largest cannabis conventions in the world. Even though cannabis has been legalized in a Nevada since 2017 it turned out the cannabis in his possession tested positive for THC which is the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. He was left with no other choice but to go straight back to London without attending the convention.

The dangers of Skunk


Skunk is a variant of cannabis which is extremely habit forming because people who start on this variant of cannabis are five times as likely to become dependent on cannabis. This has inspired some momentum both on state and national level but unfortunately very little regulation is in place and likewise not enough research relating to the potency of cannabis has been done even though it is well known that the THC strain is increasingly available to cannabis users. Also many suppliers of cannabis are focusing on the high potency strains and these products are now dominating both the US and UK markets. Those newcomers to cannabis which first experience is with skunk are five times as likely to become dependent on cannabis. This is because skunk has significantly higher concentrations of THC which is merely the molecule which causes the psychoactive high in cannabis. Once people have used skunk there is a very strong likelihood that they will develop strong cravings which can lead to other forms of drug use which can cause people a lot of problems.

A combination of beer and cannabis


There are now many breweries who are experimenting with cannabis in their beer making processes. Especially in the US with the more lenient regulations regarding the use of cannabis there are now many beer makers that are taking full advantage and are looking at ways to use cannabis or one of its ingredients to make their products more attractive. There is something very distinctive about the floral 420 Extra Pale Ale which is manufactured by Sweetwater breweries and we are referring especially to the smell when the cap is popped. This brewery has been in business for more than two decades and one of its best sellers have been the floral 420 Extra Pale Ale and although the 420 refers to the birth date of this beer which was April the 20th but it is also a drug culture slang which has been used in conjunction with cannabis for a long time. This beer is a mixture of hops, hemp flavor and terpenes as well as other organic compounds which provide a distinctive fragrance.

Make up products and cannabis


According to media reports an increasing number of makeup products is now using cannabis as one of the ingredients in the manufacturing process. One manufacturer by the name of Sephora has recently announced the launch of a new range. Many voters both in Canada and in many US states have now voted for the legalization of marijuana and this has led people to look at other benefits which may be derived from cannabis. Many claims has been made to date about the alleged health benefits of cannabis but there is now also many plans on the table to include cannabis in several beauty products. One ingredient of cannabis is known as CBD which is a non-psychoactive chemical which can be found within the marijuana plant. This substance has already been widely used in many beauty products especially things such as moisturizers and also mascaras. The element in cannabis which is causing all the problems is THC which is the compound which is causing users to be high. As long as there are very little trace elements of THC in cannabis then it can be legally sold to the general public.