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Lessons Learned from Lake Tahoe: Keeping Your House Safe

Wildfires are perhaps among the most catastrophic events that can impact an area. Homes are lost, forests decimated, not to mention, there’s the devastating human toll that could potentially accompany this type of disaster. The Caldor Fire ravaged a region of California otherwise known for its resort feel. Following the events which began on August

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Latest U.S. house prices, trends and housing market analysis

Housing sales and prices in the United States Latest:  More than 3 million people stepped into retirement in 2020, freeing up significant capital. Foreigners are rushing back to invest in the US property market following the Biden presidency.  The biggest risk to to the US housing market right now is the Coronavirus. It is estimated

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Rusty Tweed Shares Ways to Increase Property Value

As housing starts soar more than 20% and the American property market takes aim for a comeback, there are also cities like New York that struggle due to a spike in violent crime, where home owners face a different reality. The U.S. is thus seeing a two-speed situation: where many rural areas see increased demand,

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