CarPow announces online vehicle finance assistance

CarPow announces digital vehicle finance assistance

For customers in New Zealand who want to finance a car, CarPow has now brought a convenient solution. CarPow is one of the market leaders in New Zealand for arranging vehicle finance online. They use advanced technology to match a customer’s credit profile with the most suitable lender for that customer’s profile.

So how does the process works?

It follows a simple 4-step process that can help anyone secure his/her car quickly.

The first step is to apply for credit. It can be done by filling out a simple online application form on

The experts at CarPow will compare the panel of lenders with the customers’ needs and provide the perfect finance option that suits the customer profile.

The customer can then choose their perfect vehicle using CarPow’s car selector tool with the help of vehicle experts.

The paperwork is completed using any smart device, saving time and effort on the customer’s part, and giving them complete peace of mind they have correctly signed everything.

This unique car financing process that CarPow has developed is perfect for the post-pandemic world, where consumers in NZ have seen a dramatic shift in the way business is conducted, including car sales. By embracing an all-digital model, CarPow is making car financing a simpler, frictionless process that will satisfy its customers.

CarPow provides some great advantages over other car financing options :

  • Car Financing for customers with bad credit
  • Seamless connection with common sense finance providers
  • Technology-driven, all-digital system to save time and stress
  • Freedom to apply anytime, anywhere using a smartphone
  • Flexibility to add electronic signature on loan documents
  • Loan payout within 24 hours after completing the paperwork
  • Direct dealing with seller or dealership to keep everyone satisfied
  • Valuation and history checks on all cars. 
  • Same day CarPow Loans completion. 
  • Second chance finance following the lending criteria. Every make and model is available to fulfill customers’ dreams of owning their perfect car. 
  • Each vehicle supplied directly by CarPow comes with full service and valet.
  • Nationwide delivery. 
  • Decisions in an hour or less. 
  • Option of refinancing and consolidation.

And many more such features and services make CarPow one of the biggest car financing brokers in New Zealand.

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