Uniting Innovators: MIGS 2023 Celebrates 20 Years of Canadian Gaming Collaboration


The Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) 2023 marked a significant milestone in its history, celebrating its 20th anniversary with an event that showcased the strength and collaboration within the Canadian gaming industry. Held on November 8th and 9th at the historic Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal, the summit drew a diverse group of industry professionals, from game developers to publishers and investors, all converging to cover and enhance business-to-business (B2B) opportunities. 

This year’s event was particularly notable for its strategic focus, which diverged from previous editions by emphasizing the facilitation of professional connections and partnerships within the gaming sector. The organization of MIGS 2023 was a collaborative effort between La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec and Ontario-based XP Gaming, two prominent entities in the Canadian gaming industry. 

Their combined efforts resulted in a summit that not only celebrated the past achievements of the Canadian gaming industry but also set the stage for future growth and innovation. The event effectively highlighted the dynamic and vibrant video game sector in Quebec, alongside the thriving and diverse gaming industry in Ontario. 

This collaboration underscored the summit’s commitment to fostering a national and international dialogue, providing a platform for industry players to discuss trends, share expertise, and forge new business relationships, ultimately contributing to the broader growth and transformation of the gaming industry on a global scale.

Emphasis on B2B Networking

In a significant shift from previous years, MIGS 2023 honed in on B2B networking, moving away from its consumer-facing roots. This strategic shift allowed for more targeted and productive interactions among attendees. The Meet to Match service was a crucial element of this focus, facilitating meetings and partnerships among developers, publishers, and other industry professionals from Canada and beyond. 

International publishers like Devolver Digital and Amazon Games engaged actively with Canadian studios, reflecting the event’s success in bridging global and local gaming communities.

Role of Economic Development Agencies

Agencies such as Ontario Creates, Economic Development Winnipeg, and Scottish Development International played a pivotal role. Their presence provided valuable information to attendees on expanding their businesses both within Canada and internationally. These interactions highlighted the importance of governmental and regional support in the growth and sustenance of the gaming industry.

Networking Beyond Business Hours

The after-hours scene at MIGS 2023 was buzzing with energy, featuring various official and unofficial gatherings. These social events, complete with food, drinks, and music, extended networking opportunities into the evening, fostering deeper connections and collaborative discussions in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Insightful Industry Panels and Showcase Floor

MIGS 2023 was not just about networking. The event also featured a range of panels in both French and English, with speakers from across the globe. These sessions covered a wide array of topics, from the future of immersive technologies and cloud gaming to the secrets of successful self-publishing. These discussions also offered a comprehensive view of the current state and future prospects of the gaming industry.

The B2B exhibit space, the heart of the summit, was a hive of activity. Companies showcased their latest technologies, tools, and services, contributing to an atmosphere of innovation and progress. The showcase floor was not only a place for business but also for collecting memorable merchandise and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Ontario’s Gaming Industry: A Major Player

One of the highlights of MIGS 2023 was the strong representation of Ontario’s gaming industry. Studios like Behaviour Interactive, Ubisoft, and many others showcased the diversity and creativity of the region’s gaming scene. The interaction between Quebec and Ontario studios, along with service providers from across Canada, underscored the strength and potential of the Canadian gaming ecosystem.

Product Highlights at MIGS 2023

MIGS 2023 was not just a hub for networking and discussions; it was also a showcase for groundbreaking products and innovations in the gaming industry. This section of the event was particularly exciting, as it gave attendees a glimpse into the future of gaming through a variety of cutting-edge products and technologies.

Advanced Game Development Tools

A major highlight was the presentation of advanced game development tools. Developers had the opportunity to experience firsthand the latest software and platforms that are pushing the boundaries of game design and development. This included everything from sophisticated game engines offering realistic physics and graphics to tools that streamline the development process, making it more efficient and accessible, especially for indie game developers.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies were also prominently featured. Several exhibitors showcased new VR and AR games, providing immersive experiences that blend the virtual and real worlds in innovative ways. These exhibits were not just about entertainment; they also demonstrated the potential of VR and AR in areas like educational gaming and therapeutic applications.

Cloud Gaming Solutions

Cloud gaming solutions were another area of focus, reflecting the industry’s shift towards more accessible and flexible gaming experiences. Companies presented their latest advancements in cloud-based gaming platforms, which allow players to stream games directly to their devices without the need for high-end hardware. This technology is seen as a game-changer, making high-quality gaming experiences more accessible to a broader audience.

Indie Game Showcases

Indie games had a significant presence, with numerous small studios and independent developers presenting their latest creations. These games, often characterized by their creativity and innovation, covered a wide range of genres and styles. The indie game showcases not only highlighted the diversity of the gaming industry but also demonstrated the important role independent developers play in driving creativity and experimentation in game design.

Next-Generation Gaming Consoles and Accessories

Attendees also got a look at the latest in gaming hardware, including next-generation consoles and gaming accessories. These products promised to enhance the gaming experience with improved graphics, faster processing speeds, and innovative features designed to immerse players in their gaming worlds like never before.

Closing Thoughts

As MIGS 2023 concluded, it was evident that the event had a significant impact on its attendees. It reinforced the crucial roles of collaboration, innovation, and international partnerships in the gaming industry. Moreover, the summit showcased the robustness and potential of the Canadian gaming sector, setting an optimistic tone for its future.

While MIGS 2023 successfully facilitated B2B interactions and showcased the Canadian gaming industry’s capabilities, there were areas that could be improved in future iterations. For instance, the focus on B2B, while beneficial, might have limited opportunities for consumer engagement and feedback, which is vital for game developers. 

Additionally, while the panels were informative, future events could benefit from a wider variety of topics, including more on indie game development and emerging market trends. MIGS 2023 marked a pivotal moment in the Canadian gaming industry’s calendar, with their emphasis on business development, networking, and showcasing the talents of Canadian developers was both timely and impactful.

So as the industry continues to grow and transform, MIGS will undoubtedly remain a key player in fostering collaboration and innovation within the Canadian and international gaming communities.