Canada becomes first nation to grant Johnson & Johnson COVID shot full approval

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New York Daily News

Canada has become the first nation worldwide to give full approval to Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose coronavirus vaccine. The New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company on Wednesday revealed Health Canada has given the shot the full green light, according to Reuters. It was previously authorized back in March under an interim order issued by the agency. “Today marks the first major regulatory approval for the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine and an important moment to recognize the dedication of everyone involved in our COVID-19 vaccine development, our partners, the regulators and clinical st…

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Fall Back Into Productivity: 100 Quotes to Get More Done

Published by It may not seem like it. But, a lot is going on in the autumn. Between getting back to a routine after your summer vacay to getting the kids back to school and adjusting to the end of daylight saving time (happens tomorrow, Sunday, November 7th), now you’ll have to finalize business

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Are the Yankees and MLB Working on a New Foreign Substance Policy?

Published by InsideHook By Tobias Carroll Major League Baseball’s rules are pretty clear about foreign substances being applied to the ball. As the league noted in a recent update over the “sticky stuff” controversy, Rule 3.01 bans damaging or discoloring balls using “soil, rosin, paraffin, licorice, sand-paper, emery-paper or other foreign substance.” Rule 6.02 clarifies

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Panthers 24, Texans 9: Insta-reaction as Carolina loses McCaffrey but moves to 3-0

Published by The Charlotte Observer HOUSTON — The Carolina Panthers survived another Christian McCaffrey injury behind impressive quarterback Sam Darnold and a stingy defense, moving to 3-0 Thursday night in a 24-9 road victory over Houston that also raised several questions. Can the Panthers win games against higher-level competition without McCaffrey, if his hamstring injury

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Meta: Facebook’s high-stakes bet to save itself

Published by AFP Washington (AFP) – Facebook’s name change offers a convenient diversion as scandal plagues the platform, but the new handle is also key to the firm’s costly effort to save itself from very real threats, experts said. Jokes and vitriol poured in after CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new corporate handle “Meta,” with

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Is China exporting its surveillance state to Venezuela?

Published by Global Voices Illustration by Giovana Fleck, used with permission. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s clampdown on democracy in Venezuela has used technology to implement social control mechanisms and to thwart freedom of expression on the internet. Critics have pointed out that the Venezuelan government aims to emulate the surveillance state that prevails in China,

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