Can Elon Musk End Twitter Censorship With His 9% Stake?

Elon Musk just acquired 9% of Twitter. His new stake in the company comes as a surprise because his views seem starkly different than that of Jack Dorsey who acted out censorship a la carte on behalf of the Biden camp – which included a ban on Donald Trump, and relentless “fact checking” of anyone who dared to disagree with Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Word on the street is that either Musk may seek to cancel “cancel culture” and wokeness on Twitter by returning it to the point of free speech, or, that indeed he may be dragged along into the censorship party that is run by Facebook, Twitter and other big tech entities.

Musk will join the board of directors at Twitter. He owned 73,486,938 shares in the social media platform as of 14 March, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The stake is worth $2.89bn (£2.2bn), based on Twitter’s recent closing  price.

It may seem unreal that such a simple platform is actually listed on the stock market, that it can have an impact on democracy – and, more than anything, that it has been used as a censorship tool during the last 2 years. It’s blatant interference in free speech from the United States to India, Europe and Australia is a cause for concern.

Prediction: If Donald Trump can admit to Elon he was utterly wrong about climate change and dirty energy, Musk could probably help him to be re-instated on Twitter – and probably to win the next election.

Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post is right to say “democracy dies in darkness”, although it is a part of that darkness by spreading leftist misinformation. The kind of darkness we’re referring to, is that of Twitter censorship. If Elon Musk is a true proponent of “direct democracy” – then his first priority ought to be re-instating politicians that were sanctioned communist style by Jack Dorsey.