Business Women Turned Travel Enthusiast and Motivational Coach , Israa Hilles Is Inspiring Women Worldwide

Business Women Turned Travel Enthusiast and Motivational Coach , Israa Hilles Is Inspiring Women Worldwide

Israa Hilles is an author and management expert with over fifteen years of expertise. She, along with her partners, created ARTS for Media in Palestine after earning a degree in human resources, although she was more interested in communications.

Israa Hilles is a young, creative entrepreneur who opened her own business after only a year in Montreal and won the 2018 Canada’s Futurpreneur Award. Hilles was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and came to Canada in 2015. Her family is from Palestine. She visited Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Halifax, among other Canadian cities, before deciding to live in Montreal.

Since her immigration to Canada in 2015, Israa has received three awards: the first was from  OSEntreprendre Quebec; the second was entrepreneur of the year 2018 across Canada; and the third was being selected as one of the top 75 finalists in the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards 2020. Her achievements don’t stop here. She recently received an invite to be part of the Canadian Delegation. It is a global network of young entrepreneurs, government stakeholders, and global experts.The summit takes place in Hamburg, Germany on October 27th and 28th.

On speaking to the media, she said, “My advice is to be convinced of your abilities, have a strong knowledge of your project, and have the belief that you will achieve success”. She further added, “Have perseverance in achieving your goals. Learn from your mistakes, look for information, and make an alternative plan if needed. 

Israa has emerged from all of her tribulations as a strong, independent woman who inspires people to fulfill their full potential. Her own hero, her mother, has always inspired her to write and continue sharing her experiences with the world. She has published eight extraordinary books to help women transform their suffering into passion and persevere through adversity. To find out more about her, one can visit her website and instagram account.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary, one of her best-selling novels, focuses on the lives of five strong girls living in different parts of the world. It is a journey of a woman’s bravery, dignity, and strength in the true wilderness. It is a tale of a journey from the depths of misery to victory and champion-like living. Her first book, Living Healthy Made Easy: Enhance Your Health, Get Fit, and Heal Your Body & Mind with a Positive Mindset, was published in March 2021 and focused on the benefits of meditation and discipline.

Among other topics , it covered Directed Weight Loss Meditation, Understanding and Managing Physical and Emotional Hunger, A Step-by-Step Approach to Avoiding Unhealthy Food and Sugar, Essential Weight Loss Nutrition Habits, and the Ketogenic Diet. One can buy her transformative books from amazon. Her readers have loved her and shown immense appreciation for how she has transformed lives around her.

She is now pursuing her passion for travel and producing some outstanding Instagram content. Her insights provide viewers with first-hand travel advice from countries she has been to.  With her extensive travel expertise, she is launching on June 17th, 2022. It is a website where camping equipment and adventure gear may be purchased by all travelers in one place, giving everyone a smooth and seamless experience.