Business Leaders: Top CEO’s that have revolutionized social media for small businesses

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This is our take on the most influential business leaders transforming and inspiring the world of small businesses through social media apps.

Through innovative technology and ramped up software development, small businesses and venture startups are now quickly finding ways to capitalize from social media platforms and mobile apps. While some businesses are still looking for ways to recollect what is left after the outbreak of a global pandemic, some pioneering business leaders have been steering their companies towards success – opting to bring revolution and change to the way small businesses and startups conduct and operate their business.

As the move to online is now more apparent than previously imagined, some CEOs’ are looking to broaden their offering, making it easier and more affordable for small business entrepreneurs to leverage social media and mobile apps as marketing and communication tools.

Tony Newton – CEO of

Today, it’s no secret that influencer marketing isn’t just a trend anymore – but a large scale industry generating billions in revenue each year. Tony Newton discovered, a platform dedicated to social media influencers. Mostly seen as a sort of directory for influencers, the platform also offers data-driven analytics, the history of each influencer, and a way for marketing specialists to match certain influencers with specific brands.

Newton has in the past shared that influencer marketing has a great ROI, and if you’re a small or growing business looking to find influencers to help grow your exposure, adjusting your marketing strategy to accompany influencer marketing is one of the best ideas you could have. Digital personalities are shaping the way consumers are shopping, and for small businesses, this is something they should consider garnering long term success.

Charles Okwuobi – CEO Ikesoft Corp and Chitchatchannel

Social media apps and platforms are no longer seen as a base for just communicating. A new platform, ChitChatChannel by Ikesoft Corp has developed an online space dedicated to businesses. With a host of online services and tools, teams can now track and complete tasks easier, follow real-time shipping capabilities of orders, manage Business Pages to facilitate influencers, and use video-telephony on their channels to market, launch or promote new products.

CEO, Charles Okwuobi has made it clear that “Gone are the days when you needed social media just to chat. With our release of the CHAD features for Agile Development on the social media platform — ChitChatChannel has reaffirmed itself as one of the best Social Media ecosystems out there.”

While still in the early phases of its rollout, ChitChatChannel is looking to pursue great success, opting to deliver high-quality tech and software tools for small businesses. Additionally, this platform is shaping the way young entrepreneurs gather, share, and operate their businesses.  

Ayman Hariri – Founder of Vero

On the surface, one might think Vero is a replication of Instagram but looking deeper you realize it’s somewhat more cutting edge, and better. Vero CEO, Ayman Hariri, founded the app in 2015, and in time it has seen a surge of support.

Looking to advertise on the app is quite similar to that on Facebook and Instagram, but instead of making use of algorithms, Vero utilizes a chronological feed – meaning users will easily see what their favorite and highest-ranked profile is posting. Hariri took Vero to new frontiers in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, creating a space where startup owners and entrepreneurs can flourish.

Michael Mignano – CEO and founder of Anchor

While the world transition towards digitalization, marketing teams are considering the use of podcasts as a way to market and create exposure around businesses. Anchor is a platform dedicated to helping new and upcoming podcasters get off the ground. The platform is a great way to learn more about podcasts, generate ideas, connect with others, and share points of interest. After his career in software development, Michael decided to start his own company and founded Anchor. In time, the company has been sold to music giant Spotify – but it’s still thriving and growing in popularity.

These platforms are dedicated to finding easy, and digitalized solutions for small businesses. The brains behind each have given hope, and assistance to young entrepreneurs looking to thrive in the next economy, and leverage the tools of social media.