Brain-computer interface may usher in an outbreak in 2024, leading the trend of technology

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As is well known, the brain-machine interface (BMI) or Brain-computer interface (BCI)  establishes direct communication channels between the human brain and external devices that enable humans to control machines using ideas.

It originated from the 1973 computer scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles. Fifty years after the concept was put forward, the BCI industry ushered in a critical year of development, with important progress in both theoretical research and equipment development.

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Current status and future trends of BCI

Musk’s Neuralink was approved for clinical trials to implant devices into the human brain in the US; the teams at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco used different types of implants to collect electronic signals from the volunteers’ brains and used different algorithms to explain…

Under the active deployment of various parties and vigorously promoting the development of BCI industry, BCI technology innovation is active and more and more widely used. With the development of neuroscience, computer, electronics, medicine and other technologies, the engineering progress of BCI technology is accelerated, and the industry has developed by leaps and bounds.

Meanwhile, in a forecast report released by consultancy Acumen Research and Consultin, the global BCI market will continue to expand over the coming years, largely due to the growing demand for assistive technologies, advances in neural and machine learning technologies and the integration of virtual and augmented reality systems, as well as collaboration with AI technologies.

Industry insiders point out that several major advances in the BCI field can be expected in 2024, especially with the completion of the first human clinical trials of several leading BCI companies as noteworthy. Results of some trials are expected to provide key insights into the cutting-edge neural interface technology and its potential to improve BCI performance.

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WiMi Hologram Cloud Based on the technology frontier

According to the data, as the backbone of BCI science and technology research, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) is constantly promoting the comprehensive upgrading of the industry with the update and iteration of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, chip and other technologies. Nowadays, more and more technology companies begin to explore the application of brain-computer fusion technology. For the new field of BCI, WiMi Hologram Cloud accelerates the shaping of new growth drivers and new advantages, through continuous innovation in technology. It is reported that WiMi Hologram Cloud has a number of BCI innovation research projects into the research and development stage, the future comprehensive force BCI industry.

So far, WiMi Hologram Cloud BCI has made initial progress in its development, and its technical team has successfully integrated vision-BCI (V-BCI) into the holographic glasses interaction system, accelerating the creation of a more efficient and immersive user experience. According to the introduction, WiMi Hologram Cloud V-BCI based holographic glasses interaction technology uses a lightweight wearable hardware, by recording the user’s brain signals, the brain and the computer system to achieve direct communication, so that users can easily enjoy high-quality brain-computer interaction.

Now, the development of BCI has shown great value potential, and the manufacturers who enter the race track have the characteristics of high technical barriers and strong competition. The launch of WiMi Hologram Cloud technology will significantly improve the user experience. Through intuitive brain-computer interaction, holographic glasses interaction technology based on V-BCI is expected to lead a new way of life. Looking into the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud will speed up the gathering of a number of innovation subjects with international influence and discourse power, form a number of leading future industrial clusters, and further promote the development of BCI application.

To sum up

Overall, although the BCI industry is still in the early stage of exploration, with the development of brain science, artificial intelligence technology and materials science, the BCI industry also has more technical support. At the same time, in the exploration of this field full of potential, the implementation of BCI technology and the industry will develop rapidly in the future, forming a joint force in policy guidance, technology development, talent cultivation, application and promotion, and opening up new possibilities for the expansion of human cognition.