Booty Shorts and Cold Weather: How to Keep Warm and Look Cool

Once the sun sets on even a warm summer festival, you may feel chilly if you wear booty shorts for women and a tiny top. Your outfit may be banging – but you’ll never be able to party until sunrise without shivering all night. 

Camping festivals are great because you can return to base camp and throw on a warmer outfit for those ultra-chilly hours before dawn. But, sometimes it gets chilly earlier, and if you run back to camp to change your daytime look, you’ll miss one of your favorite DJs – that will not do!

Rage all night long in your chic little booty shorts! Shake it on the dancefloor to your heart’s content, and use these handy tips and tricks to fight off the chill. 

Roll Up a Luxe Pashmina in Your Backpack 

When it’s early in the festival season,, the sun sets earlier, and the air cools off much faster. Make the most of your teeny tiny daytime look by keeping a rolled-up pashmina in your backpack for when the temperature drops. 

These colorful scarves make a stunning addition to any day. Wear it over your head and shoulders to keep warm, and let it dance in the wind. If you don’t have a pack, wear it around your waist as a belt or tie back your hair like a turban. Then when you need extra warmth, unravel it and get cozy.  

Layer Some Fun Tights and Fishnets 

Sure, booty shorts are meant to show off your legs, but if the weather is barely above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll just be asking for goosebumps – and not the good kind from the bass. 

Bright tights will still show off the curve of your figure and add a playful pop of color. Layer bright-colored tights underneath lacey fishnets to create more texture and draw attention to your long legs. 

Pop On A Cozy Beanie or Faux Fur Bucket Hat

You may not notice the chill when you’re raging in the crowd. But once you walk to grab a slice of pizza or sit down with friends for a moment to catch your breath, the sweat on your head may make you feel chilly.

Wear a cozy beanie or funky faux fur bucket hat to keep heat in. Not only will this add another fun accessory to your ensemble, but it can help hide the fact that it’s day three of the festival, and you haven’t had a chance to wash your hair.  

Keep Your Torso Warm with a Long Sleeve Bodysuit 

You wore these sassy little booty shorts to shake your groove. Let your legs be the star of the show! Keeping your torso covered in a thicker, fuller, full-sleeve body suit will help you fight off the chill. Just pick a bodysuit with buttons or snaps because no one wants to struggle too long in a festival porta-potty. 

Grab an Oversized Hoodie from Your Campsite 

If you have time to run back to camp but don’t have the energy to figure out a new night-time look, throw an oversized hoodie over your booty shorts for women. Sometimes, you want to be cuddled up – and there’s something sexy about people having to wonder whether or not you’re wearing pants.  

Go 80s With Some Frisky Leg Warmers 

The leg warmer and booty shorts may look very 80s, a la Eric Prydz’s classic music video “Call On Me,” – but leg warmers are a great way to wear short shorts without feeling cold. You can style them with sneakers for a more athletic look or pop them over boots to keep the vibe chic. 


Pro tip: Use a wide hair elastic around the leg warmers about two or three inches from the top, then fold the excess back over and scrunch. The elastic will keep the legwarmers high on your legs and prevent them from constantly falling as you boogie the night away.  

Wear Some Sassy Space Cowgirl Chaps 

Chaps are back – not only are these funky almost pants a fabulous way to bring your inner cowgirl out on the dancefloor, but they also keep your legs 10X warmer than booty shorts alone. Go for bright and bold colors to create a space cowgirl look, pop on some rhinestone boots, and let your inner Dolly Parton get down!

Never Underestimate the Glamour of a Faux Fur Coat 

No matter how many layers of tights, chaps, legwarmers, or thick long-sleeve bodysuits you wear, if it’s cold out and you’re only in booty shorts for women … you’ll feel cold. That’s why no evening festival ensemble is complete without an ultra-glamorous faux fur coat. 


Walk through the festival grounds looking and feeling like a rockstar. Cuddle up in your fur when you feel cozy, and pull it off your shoulders when all the dancing makes you sweat.